I got an IQ of 137

I got an IQ of 137.  I know it doesn’t mean anything.  The number of intelligence quotient was never a sole criteria to be a successful person.  It may just suggest the person has really got some “serious problem!”  Whatever it means – it feels good to have such score, even more when you see yourself mostly good for nothing!


It was an online test.  I don’t know the methodology, what type of scoring model they used etc.  I would perhaps not care for that.  For a person who stays mostly recluse, it’s good to have something to console himself with.

I had taken a similar test years ago and had got 139 then.  These two marks less I don’t know if those are because of my increased age, different methodology, or just because my “intelligence” didn’t grow matching up with my age.  Also, there were one or two questions where after hitting submit I felt I could have chosen different answer, but that’s part of the game.

I kind of knew this result.  I knew IQ had never been a problem for me.  My problem has always been that of an ugly duckling.  I do not speak to people.  I observe, and keep on observing and thinking what should I say in such a situation, and I keep on doing that till the situation passes by.

Whatever! A score of 137 is something to flaunt about. I know it is nothing and I know there will be people having more than that.  I would love to know them because perhaps they too consider themselves the same ugly ducklings.

Anyways!  You can try the test here.  Enter your date of birth (they need it to calculate your physical age) and start the test.  And whether you want to share your score is all up to you!

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One Response to “I got an IQ of 137”

  1. mayur hulsar Says:

    hmmmm. it can vary. I forgot mine. :p

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