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I need to write a diary

March 13, 2014

Blogging cannot replace diary writing.  A lot of things happen.  Not everything can go on a blog.

Writing diary had been my hobby for a long time, then I stopped writing – with pen on paper.  Pen on paper will still be difficult, but I can certainly start writing on computer.

So what should I do?  Shall I write on Evernote? Or start a new private blog? Or find kind of a diary app?  One way is to write in MS Word, but then it becomes to messy to manage, a lot of doc files and sorting gets an issue.

Can you suggest something?

Thirteen years ago

October 7, 2011

I have a years’ long habit of keeping a diary. Baba gifted me my first diary at the commencement of my ninth grade. It was 1998.  I started writing diary on the Rakshabandhan day of 1998.

My first diary

My first diary

Back then, it used to be just a note of routine daily events. Those pages seem too much dry as I read them now, but they keep a record of those years that I would have forgotten in the fog otherwise. I was just 14 then.  An early teenager with lots of hopes and expectations from life, too much confident and still too much sensitive about his life.  A lot of things came ahead as the life unfurled.  I have almost stopped writing diary in the last few years; sometimes, it becomes too difficult to be honest with oneself.

In front of me is my first diary and I am reading the page for October 7, 1998, exactly 13 years ago. It was me, 13 years ago, a lot different from what I am today, but still a glimpse of it. It’s was written in Marathi, giving a smooth translation here for you:


Result of first-term exam declared today. Got 91.33%. But principal sir pointed out I got less marks in Social Sciences (124/150) that made my mood completely off. Went to temple in the evening. Studied. Watched Sri Lanka-Zimbabwe match. Gonna sleep now.

Thus a little simple page from my diary 13 years ago. Can you find me in it?

UPATE:  Sorry friends, I made an error here.  This page was from date November 7, 1998; not October 7! So, still one month to go for 13 years to complete.

Agar tum kaho…

April 22, 2011

I am writing this post for the fourth time now. For the first two times it was too philosophical, so I erased it. For the third time, I typed it on the cell and then saved it, but I don’t know what bug destroyed it. And now this is the fourth time. What I wrote for the first two times was an utter nonsense, philosophy, reasoning, analysis, what we do all the day. If I say ABC, you will say why not XYZ, and then we will fight on it. After a long and tense fight, we will reach to a conclusion that PQR is a better option, and hardly do we settle on PQR, you will say but XYZ was the best na honey.  I would say nothing but just think of ABC, and of PQR that could not be agreed upon. This is all nonsense, utter nonsense. So after erasing all the stuff for the second time, I was sitting helpless, without any thought on what to write, and I found an old note:

No need to root it out.  Let it soak in your heart, so that it would sprout up as a part of yourself stemming from my love.

And I remembered the whole incident behind it.  Now it’s your turn to tell, what’s is more important? ABC, XYZ, PQR, or “Agar tum kaho…”