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Dear Windows Live Writer

July 30, 2012

Dear Windows Live Writer,

Why are you giving me so much trouble? You were such a good friend of mine and I depended (and still depend) heavily on you for all my blogging activities.  But now when I try to publish any post, you show there is some xmlrpc error, why?  Everything is the same as it was when you were working great!

You must understand.  I love you and I cannot even think of blogging without you.  But it has been a headache over the last couple of months as I write a post with great efforts, and then you show the error uploading.

Please be sensible.  I cannot afford losing you, neither do you!

Lovingly yours (still),


One year of the Blog of Reflections

April 9, 2012

It’s April 9th.  The Blog of Reflections is completing its first year today entering in the new one with great hopes and expectations.  One hundred and eighteen posts, about three hundred comments, more than thirty subscribers, well above 10,000 hits, and finally but most importantly, quite a few new friends—I had never expected this much, when, last year on this date, around the very same time, I had started this venture in very much unfavorable conditions.  I think I must take this opportunity to take a little pause and thank all my blog-friends for their continued patronage.  I have already missed a couple to chances to thank all of you:  once when it was my 100th post and then again when it completed first 10,000 hits.  I must not let this opportunity go this time.


Theme Kubrick is the best for me!

November 26, 2011

Did you notice the new header image on The Blog of Reflections?  This was the only customization I wanted with my blog theme, a custom blog header, and I was looking for a good header image for a long while.

Kubrick is the first default theme of WordPress.  Lot of users got it as a default theme for their first ever WordPress blog and many of them never changed it making Kubrick the most popular theme on WordPress.  Kubrick is still the second most popular theme on only after TwentyTen, the current default theme, though most of Kubrick blogs are rarely active anymore.

Kubrick is a kind of outdated theme on WordPress.  People no more use it.  There are a lot of more advanced themes available for free.  Why am I still stuck with Kubrick?  Why I love this theme so much that I come back to it again and again after every theme change.  I had got TwentyTen as a default theme for this blog.  I kept it for many days.  Then I tried Manifest, I tried Oulipo, and each time I came back to Kubrick!

I think Kubrick gives the most clean and cluster-free atmosphere to the reader.  I believe if my readers read my posts till the end, it is also in part because of the Kubrick theme.  You read from start to end as there is no distraction at all.  A flaw one may see is there are no widgets on post pages, but if your content is good, the reader would click on the header and come to the front page to know more about your where you can have all the widgets available.  Also, Kubrick has a text-area width of 450 pixels, which is too less in today’s context, most importantly for photos, so when you try to upload photos wider than 450 pixels, it goes out of width and the template looks ugly, but as long as my blog is text-oriented, it should not be a major problem.

I am a bit of adamant against changing my theme to some other than Kubrick.  Many clean themes have tempted me, but just to bring me back to Kubrick.  I am going to stick to it for a long while!

P.S. The header image is a photograph taken by Kailash Mohankar (tweet him) during our trip to Ramtek.  The custom header is created at BigHugeLabs.Com (for Kubrick theme only).

I would rather not…

November 16, 2011

I am being too cautious about the topics for my new posts for the last few days. Would my readers like it? Is it worth writing? In this state of mind, I am not writing the things I really want to and instead writing the stuff that I would not write otherwise. For example, I would have written about how I found about the degree confluence project, how Kailash prepared for it and finally reached to the confluence point 23 N 82 E.  Or may be how I fascinated was about the OpenStreetMaps project for a while and how the I came back to Google Maps? Or may be how I got frustrated with the state of things and how I tried to make Yippe noodles for me last evening to keep my mind engaged! And I would certainly not have written about the Osho story I wrote in the last post, I mostly avoid copy paste, and it was merely a translation!!

I like people reading my blog, I like the people subscribing and coming back again, and I appreciate them from my heart. I like to fancy about the number of hits my blog gets, and it’s what keeps me writing, but still it’s the same thing that makes me forget it is a personal blog, it was started to write my heart out, and not to get popular.

Yesterday, I was randomly surfing through WordPress. I searched for the term apathy and stumbled upon a blog post. It was really an honest outburst about things going on in the author’s life. I wished I could be that much honest, though I know it is too difficult, if not impossible, with the name I hold. I was in the office then and had no time to write a full-fledged comment, so I just wrote “too honest!!” The author of the post took my comment completely wrong, rejected it in comment moderation, and instead wrote a new post: “It’s my blog. I would write what I want to, even if it is raw and immature. I don’t care if you find it too honest to read. If it is too honest, don’t read it and don’t comment at all.” Though she took it in a wrong way, she was still honest with her feelings; she told me outright what she felt, may be raw, but straight!!

What the shit I am writing? I am a 27-year-old, a grown up! I must learn to keep a mask on my face!!

P.S. Dear Mayur/Gaurav, I am sure you won’t take it personally. I just wrote it because I was afraid I don’t want it to happen with this blog what happened to my last one.

No more post a day

October 13, 2011

I have not written anything here for the last two days, and got two inquiries about what happened to my post-a-day mission (Thanks Kailash; thanks Gaurav).  Frankly, I have left the mission.  I don’t want to go with it anymore.  It was an experimental tour to see if I should go with it for the year 2010; I have got the answer “No.”

I will write as frequently as possible, but I don’t want any obligations, and I in no way want to write on the stupid topics suggested by WordPress Dailypost.  So, for now, this is my last post in post-a-day.

And wait, I am coming back with new post just after this one.

Changing the blog theme to Manifest!

September 24, 2011

For long, I had been searching for minimalistic theme for The Blog of Reflections.  I wanted a single-column theme that would focus more on the content than the sidebar widgets etc.  The best scenario were to be single-column posts with widgets appearing only on homepage as I have some somewhere in Kubrick theme (I guess it was in An Indian Year by Chris Yoder).  I was looking for if it can be done with TwentyTen, but found out that TwentyTen does it only with pages, not with regular posts.

Today, I have changed over to theme Manifest.  It is the most minimalistic theme I have ever seen on WordPress.  Complete clean white theme with only a single column and no sidebar at all.  Nothing is there to distract the reader from the content.  There are two options widget placeholders in bottom where you can add any important widget you would really like to add.

I really loved the theme, but there are several concerns too.  I would really like to link my twitter account on my blog.  It was at the top in the sidebar previously in TwentyTen.  Also, as there are no sidebars, I would have to push the archives in a separate page or at the bottom widget places, and as a consequence, I need to find out new ways to keep the traffic engaged.  I hope I can do that by providing excellent content on my blog.

So for now, my blog is in a new robe, simple, ascetic, manifest.  Hope I can sort out the concerns and I can go smooth with the simple and beautiful theme.

Please give me your feedback!  Did you like this theme on my blog, or would like to see me back in TwentyTen?

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The first reflection!

April 9, 2011

Starting a new blog! It’s April 9, 2011 and I only know under what conditions I am writing this first post.  Everything cannot be revealed.  This blog is an attempt to reveal at least those things that need not to be necessarily hidden.  This is April 9, 2011 and I am writing the first post of my new blog.

I already have a couple of blogs on net.  Ghalibana has been successfully running now for over an year with slow but steady traffic.  It is also fetching a good bit of traffic from google and co., so what made me to start a new blog that would ultimately distract me from working on Ghalibana?  The answer is not much complex.  Ghalibana was started with a different idea by me with two of my friends: Kailash and Master.  The main motive of starting Ghalibana was to discuss things among the three of us, but eventually Kailash stopped writing and Master never get a regular internet access.  I kept on writing, but then it lost the sense of a personal blog and grew up as a real reference blog discussing ‘n’ number of valuable topics.  So what I really missing was a personal blog that would give me the freedom to write whatever I want to, not what my readers want to read.  Ghalibana has grown to a level where it literally fetches all of it’s traffic from search engines, and now I cannot use it like for updating my statuses etc.

The reason for starting this blog on WordPress is I really wanted to have a WordPress blog.  Initially, I tried to move Ghalibana to WordPress, but even with the import facility, it was too difficult to handle all the subscriptions, adsense, amazon links, etc. etc.  So when the idea of a personal blog came to my mind, I can think of nothing other than WordPress.  Oh, the lovely themes of WordPress, blogger has nothing to match with them (Oh, I love google, but truth is the truth).

Finally, what would I do on this blog? What plans I have in mind? What would be the future of this blog? I did have a personal blog on WordPress a few years ago, around 2006-2007, but then situations were totally different.  I did not have a decent net access and most of the ideas would die before I could find a net cafe.  This time I am a kind of better-equipped, I have a net access of my own that I can use at my will, so I hope no idea shall die before it finds place on his platform.  I don’t intend to write long long posts here (this one has already grown much longer) as I do on Ghalibana, but I won’t restrict myself too!  On the other hand, I won’t mind writing twitter-like 140-character statuses too!  I am planning to write on a more frequent basis.  I write on Ghalibana about 2-3 posts a month; they need a lot of preparation.  Here I don’t have any restrictions of that kind, so I am planning to write almost daily, or at least on alternate days.  I want this blog to show a real picture of mine; yes, there are things that should not be revealed, that cannot be revealed, but at least as the moon shows only half of it even on the full moon day, I will try my best to reflect that half without any restrictions, in hopes that some day I could show up the other never-seen side too 🙂

These are some thoughts in my mind at this moment; at this moment on April the 9th of 2011, when I’m starting this personal blog on WordPress under conditions that I only know 😦

And this line is just because I don’t want to end this first post with a bad face. Cya soon 🙂