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Changing the blog theme to Manifest!

September 24, 2011

For long, I had been searching for minimalistic theme for The Blog of Reflections.  I wanted a single-column theme that would focus more on the content than the sidebar widgets etc.  The best scenario were to be single-column posts with widgets appearing only on homepage as I have some somewhere in Kubrick theme (I guess it was in An Indian Year by Chris Yoder).  I was looking for if it can be done with TwentyTen, but found out that TwentyTen does it only with pages, not with regular posts.

Today, I have changed over to theme Manifest.  It is the most minimalistic theme I have ever seen on WordPress.  Complete clean white theme with only a single column and no sidebar at all.  Nothing is there to distract the reader from the content.  There are two options widget placeholders in bottom where you can add any important widget you would really like to add.

I really loved the theme, but there are several concerns too.  I would really like to link my twitter account on my blog.  It was at the top in the sidebar previously in TwentyTen.  Also, as there are no sidebars, I would have to push the archives in a separate page or at the bottom widget places, and as a consequence, I need to find out new ways to keep the traffic engaged.  I hope I can do that by providing excellent content on my blog.

So for now, my blog is in a new robe, simple, ascetic, manifest.  Hope I can sort out the concerns and I can go smooth with the simple and beautiful theme.

Please give me your feedback!  Did you like this theme on my blog, or would like to see me back in TwentyTen?

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