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The door to God: An Osho perspective

November 13, 2011

I’m not a fan of Osho
, still I like reading him. I like his rebellious, yet creative, perspective of looking at things. He tells greatest of the hidden truths in simplest of the words, often with the help of some day-to-day life stories.

Last night, as I was going to bed, I took the Osho book and opened a random page. I had not read anything in the last many days and I wanted to start with something lighter-thus started with Osho.

Once the prime minister of a king dies. The king decides to chose a new prime minister for him through an open contest. From the hundreds of contestants, he short-lists the three most eligible men for a final test. The king let the three go home with a notice to come back the next day.

All excited about their fate next day, the three short-listed candidates hear a rumor that the king has made a cryptogenic lock with the help of the most genius of his mathematicians, and the king is going to chose the one as his prime minister who will open the lock earliest. The two of them get very excited listening to this and start reading as much about cryptology and the science of locks as they can in a night. They stay awake all the night to study cryptology. The third one stays cool and takes some rest at home. The other two just laugh at him that he is wasting such a great opportunity to change his life.

The next day, the king summons them. They find the rumor was indeed a truth as the king locks them in a room and tell them about the challenge to come out of the room. The intelligent two quickly start to analyze the lock, it’s shape, design, signs on it, etc. So engaged they become in their exercises that they don’t even notice that their third colleague had just pushed the door and left out. They notice it only after the king arrives with the third friend and ask these two to stop their efforts as he has chosen his prime minister.

And Osho comments on the story: So obsessed we get about finding the answers that we don’t even bother to check what really the problem is. We put our focus on deciphering the lock rather opening the door. The door to God is just open like this, open to all, and we stay at the door deciphering the lock engaged in the scriptures.

P.S. I am thinking whether the third one was really right with his not being prepared. What if the door had really been locked?