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The soulmates

October 21, 2011
Old couple walking along the Seine. Photo by Bebulaki
The Soulmates

Like it was an intact stick in His Kingdom.  Like He had to break it and throw it away in two different directions.  Like it was His plan to bring both the segments together to make them one again.  How surprised were they to see how fittingly compatible they were with each other.  It was a first glance; they had not seen each other in proximity.  From that distance, they felt awed with how much “made for each other they were.”  And they came together.

The subtleties began to be apparent.  Still happy were they with each other, but now with a glitch that they were not the same that they thought they were.  They were still happy with each other, but their randomly broken edges got more visible making them afraid what if they won’t match fit.

They were happy; still there was a glitch.  They kept going.  Time passed by.  The randomly broken edges got more prominent; uneven fineness of the broken edges had gotten even more apparent.  And they started looking at it carefully, and moved towards each others, tilted, turned, whirled, hugged… and lo… how happy, how heavenly happy they were to find how finely they fitted in each other.  Like they were the same they had thought they were.


September 14, 2011

Just had been through one of the most creative states of my mind; just had been through it, and now am sitting here dry, punching the keyboard.  Have I really gotten random enough to not settle anywhere?  You know, Saathi, I had just been wandering on the roads, crossing squares and squares, almost unaware of the busy traffic! You know, I love such aimless walking, my mind strolls back and forth with me too.  Have I really gotten random enough to not know where I am going?

You let my soul free to go and seek the hidden treasures behind horizon; and you keep my feet on the earth, to walk with you! How can you manage this all? How can you let me go random and keep me on the track at the same time?  You couldn’t have learnt it here; you must have been born like this; like to be the only compatible with me; like a part of a stick broken and thrown away — you know it breaks in such a random way — you can’t fit two parts from different sticks into one with perfect compatibility — then why do you fit in me with such oneness? You were never mine, no one told me such before!!

Or we get into one as a pinch of salt in a glass of water?  You call me salt, if you wish, and you my glass of water!  You know, I had ever been a part of your soul, into the oceans, our eternal home!  And He set us apart, took you high up in the clouds (you had to nourish His world naa!), and left me in the desert!  And then He again brought us here, you, in a glass of water, I, as a pinch of salt!  And as I let myself fall (or ascend) in  your womb — we feel as if we are back in our eternal home, the ocean, isn’t it?

But you know, Saathi, the most wonderful part of it?  Even in the oneness, we never become “salted water!”  In your unending vastness, you never mar the pinch of my saltness!  I remain the salt dissolved in water, and you remain pure water engulfing the salt in you!! And we together — you become life — and I — a pinch of salt in it 🙂