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Four days of nothing

July 21, 2014

Three days I didn’t go to office. Then a Sunday. I spent my days in bed. First day, I went out – Gateway of India. People were taking photos. I got a portrait done, a pencil sketch – still the first one I ever got. The other two days were bleak. I tried opening all windows. I tried to clean up the room a little. It seemed to help for a while.

Not going to office also means breach of routine. I skip meals, sometimes both, and eat whatever I can find nearby. Also, I did not shave. It’s more than a week now. I have not washed clothes (from time immemorable).

I picked reading “Journey to the Center of Earth” and reached up to Rejkiavik – Capital city of Iceland – and we have started our journey forth on horses and with a local guide.

Meanwhile, Baba fell ill. Sodium went low. It was a big concern with his CKD. He visited his nephrologist on Saturday, improving now. Also, there were little fights, here, there.. Somehow, the four-day holidays ended.

After a long while…

September 27, 2013

Okay, this is going to be a kind of random! I haven’t written anything for long.  A lot of problems – I am away from my computer, busy with job, don’t have anything much to write, and so on… A lot of things happened in between.  I got a job in last December, I stayed somewhere near Mumbai for eight months, then left that job as I got a new one. So this was the whole story in between…

I am not here to write that story.  In fact, I am not here for anything specific.  Just that I found a networked computer after – say ages – and that’s it.

I’ve been at a wonderful place over the past week – kind of re-inventing myself. As they say it, I’m supposed to be a leader from now onwards. So, I am learning what’s a leader, what makes one a leader, what might stop myself from being a leader, and how (if) I can overcome those things.

I’ve lost the habit of writing – let’s see if I can get it again!


September 21, 2012

Is it still raining out?  I don’t know.  It was raining when I came home about an hour ago.  I had plans.  I was to read what happened to Muhammad Tughlaq.  I was to plan for a tentative visit to a monument on Sunday.

I did nothing.  I started computer, played Mannipaaya, browsed through Facebook, etc., and again played Mannipaaya.

It seems like the rain has stopped now.  Shall I get up and go out instead of just sitting here and missing you?