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31 August, 2011 23:06

August 31, 2011

It was a much-needed holiday–to replete the energy lost in the past hectic week, and to gather up some energy for the more hectic one to come! Last week of the month, to get as much as possible out of it.

Just watched Balgandharva! Loved to watch it, and mostly the songs in it! Our generation has not seen Gandharva, but he must be looking as he looks in the movie! Loved the movie, and yeah, I must borrow heart, at least for a while, to get those feelings! Idealism should be checked with practicality, isn’t it? But we can’t, and should not, judge people from our standards. We never know what it takes to be in their shoes!

Anyways, I was thinking about getting out for a little walk, but now it’s about 10:20, and I think I should try and get some seven or eight hours sleep!!

N.B. This is an old post I wrote two days ago, was saved in my Outlook drafts, never mind!!