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Theme Kubrick is the best for me!

November 26, 2011

Did you notice the new header image on The Blog of Reflections?  This was the only customization I wanted with my blog theme, a custom blog header, and I was looking for a good header image for a long while.

Kubrick is the first default theme of WordPress.  Lot of users got it as a default theme for their first ever WordPress blog and many of them never changed it making Kubrick the most popular theme on WordPress.  Kubrick is still the second most popular theme on only after TwentyTen, the current default theme, though most of Kubrick blogs are rarely active anymore.

Kubrick is a kind of outdated theme on WordPress.  People no more use it.  There are a lot of more advanced themes available for free.  Why am I still stuck with Kubrick?  Why I love this theme so much that I come back to it again and again after every theme change.  I had got TwentyTen as a default theme for this blog.  I kept it for many days.  Then I tried Manifest, I tried Oulipo, and each time I came back to Kubrick!

I think Kubrick gives the most clean and cluster-free atmosphere to the reader.  I believe if my readers read my posts till the end, it is also in part because of the Kubrick theme.  You read from start to end as there is no distraction at all.  A flaw one may see is there are no widgets on post pages, but if your content is good, the reader would click on the header and come to the front page to know more about your where you can have all the widgets available.  Also, Kubrick has a text-area width of 450 pixels, which is too less in today’s context, most importantly for photos, so when you try to upload photos wider than 450 pixels, it goes out of width and the template looks ugly, but as long as my blog is text-oriented, it should not be a major problem.

I am a bit of adamant against changing my theme to some other than Kubrick.  Many clean themes have tempted me, but just to bring me back to Kubrick.  I am going to stick to it for a long while!

P.S. The header image is a photograph taken by Kailash Mohankar (tweet him) during our trip to Ramtek.  The custom header is created at BigHugeLabs.Com (for Kubrick theme only).