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Spiritual songs of A. R. Rahman

December 14, 2011

This is a long due post.  I had been contemplating writing this for many days, but the list of songs grew too much to accommodate in a single post.  I had also thought about writing a separate post about qawwalis of A. R. Rahman, mainly the trio:  Piya Haji Ali from Fiza, Khwaja Mere Khwaja from Jodha Akbar, and Kun Faya Kun from Rockstar.  I could not complete that project too.  Then, I wanted to dedicate a post to Mann Mohana from Jodha Akbar; again I couldn’t do it.  Finally, here I am with this post, and I have decided to base this post only on three songs, three different genres, three different religions, dedicated to that one Almighty.


And the poem found: Kandukondain Kandukondain!!! Eureka Eureka!!!

August 28, 2011

Here I am back!! Just a while ago, I posted a translation of Enge enathu kavithai in my last post. It was based on the subtitles of the YouTube video that I had just downloaded. I had said it seemed incomplete, so I further googled for a better translation and found a real gem! Here it comes…:

What I termed as an incomprehensible chorus in my earlier post, that turns out to be a beautiful opening (it’s opening in the film song, but is placed in between two stanzas in the soundtrack version). Chorus goes like:

When the crescent comes out, the heart will jump in joy thinking that the moon has arrived!
By seeing the shadow, my heart will reach its ecstasy thinking that’s you!!

And then comes Chitra, in her eternal voice, Enge enathu kavithai… where is my poetry??

Where is my poetry?
The one that I wrote and folded in my dream…
Did it dilute in the eye?
Did the dawn masquerade it?
Search for my poetry or bring back my dream!!
Where is my poetry?
Where is my poetry?
The one I wrote and folded in my dream!

The mind searches for the lost face in the cervices of evenings and the intricate lanes in itself.
The flower is losing its freshness by ambulating through molten tar-filled city roads in heats.
The mind filters and searches for you even in the gap between two rain drops.
The mind searches for its lost lover with great sorrow…even in broken bubbles!!
If I see your beautiful face just once, I will be contempt with silence!
Touch me with your fingertip…
I will be born a hundred times!!

The mind longs for just one look, or just one touch…
It wants and wishes for that warmth given by your breath while kissing…everyday!!
My mind is yearning for a day when your sweat-filled shirt would embrace me!
The cheek longs for the pleasurable pricking of your ‘stubbled’ face..!

It longs…

I had told my friends that my heart is a rock,
But you have emerged in my heart like a plant that roots itself in the cracks of a rock…!!!

Where is my poetry?

But you have emerged in my heart like a plant that roots itself in the cracks of a rock!!!

Can it be any better…in a film song?? Looking forward for your thoughts!!

Ganesh 🙂