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The search of self: A brief questionnaire

October 13, 2011

Just had a very interesting talk with Gaurav.  I was sitting a kind of upset, badly wanted to talk with some, and I wished if I could find Gaurav online.  He rarely uses GTalk, so I was kind of uncertain if I can find him there.  I tried Windows Live Messenger, but it didn’t work, so I came back to GTalk, and lo.. He was there.

This was my first chat with him per se (we had had a 2-liner brief chat earlier, but I had abruptly cut it off).  I told him about me and he told about himself, then about our blogs, further plans, and so on…

The most interesting thing of it was a shootout question series by him:

Why do you blog?
To express myself.  I can’t live without writing.

This is absolutely truth.  Why do I blog?  Because I want to write.  I have a long habit of writing.  It started with my writing diary about 13 years ago.  Initially, it was a kind of routine for me, but in 2002 as I came here at Nagpur, life got too much tumultuous.  At the same time, I started to get a lot of leisure time and privacy in hostel.  Fading out of an old love, finding a new one, having breakups, going through its melancholy, getting into a couple of another relationships, again falling into a new one — this material was enough to make me write.  I wrote, and I wrote a lot.  I wrote diaries, poems, ghazals, blogs… Then everything stopped.  I had a long break of about a couple of years.  Ghalibana was an exception in between, but still writing the heart could not happen for long.  So in the earlier part of this year when I found I cannot write diary anymore, I decided to start a new blog and thus started The Blog of Reflections.  So, I write to express myself.  Because I can’t live without writing.

Next question:

Was medical a choice of your heart?

Because I didn’t know what else to do.  I had grown up since childhood listening being a doctor is something great.  Otherwise, I loved math.

Choosing medical field was an simple choice for me, because I never had any other options.  Can you believe I didn’t know till 12th grade what engineers actually are?  I only knew they either build buildings or computers!!  No one ever told me that Pure Sciences can be a great career too.  My parents were not that educated to advice me and I was an ugly duckling for my college professors.  That being said, I enjoyed my work as a physician.  I worked with surgeon for about 2 years, assisted a lot of surgeries on a daily basis, literally assisted in saving lives.  But I was a BAMS (Ayurveda graduate), I knew I can only be an assistant at most, I could never perform the surgery.  I had no intention to pursue my post-graduation in Ayurveda (even the 13,000 p.m. stipend could not allure me).  I didn’t even try to appear for the PG entrance, I had already had enough in my 5-1/2 in graduation.

Third question:

Which quality do you have that’s very special according to you?
I am a good man.

This was my answer without any hesitation, without a second thought.  It is the only reason I am alive, because I know I am a good man.  The day I lose this feeling, I will lose everything else.

So can you say you are unique in some way?
Yes I am, but I am not sure if I can explain it right now. I am unique in a lot many aspects, but still, I am a good man should be enough.

I know I am not one of the flock.  I wish if I could tell how much I long to find someone like me, and I know, it is not an easy job.  That’s the reason I hardly be friend with anyone.  I never understand what to talk with people.  In my 27 years, I could find only a few people who I can say have a part of me in them.  (In fact, I am chatting with Gaurav only because I find something like myself in him).  There are only a few people with whom I feel like myself.  (Don’t frown up, you are in the list by default, take care to keep it free from viruses).

The conversation then turned to be a bit personal; I am not going to publish that part of it (I don’t want to make Gaurav feel awkward telling that he had a broad 🙂 when I answered “Yes” to his “Did you have a girlfriend?”)  Stil, it was a very interesting talk.  Hope we can continue it some time later.

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Let’s keep it simple: Tweetdeck vs Chitterim!

September 18, 2011

Tweetdeck is beyond doubt the most favorite Twitter app, second only to the twitter website.  As Tweetdeck is now acquired by twitter, it is just an approval by Twitter team how important Tweetdeck is.  But Tweetdeck needs best of the connectivity.  I have been experimenting with Tweetdeck for the last few days, both the desktop version and now the Tweetdeck for Chrome, and I found both of them too much byte-consuming to be affordable for slow net users.  Firstly, Tweetdeck is really too much difficult to install for slow networks as it installs online and requires a good connection.  Again, the all simultaneously loading columns eat up lot many bytes.

Chitterim is an excellent app that uses Gtalk to send and receive tweets.  As it uses Gtalk, you don’t need to install anything.  Just visit Chitterim website, login with google, authorize twitter, add Chitterim to you Gtalk, and get going.  It’s too simple, and it works wonderfully even with slow networks!

Chitterim is also a better option for those who love to keep things simple!!  There is no show-off like Tweetdeck or Twitter website; not even display pictures.  It runs in background while you are doing your works without distracting a bit (Tweetdeck is too tempting and asks attention again and again to check if there is anything new).  Chitterim runs in background, and as you get a new tweet in timeline, it pops up via Gtalk; you can reply to it, make it favorite, retweet it, send a direct message to that person, or update your own twitter status directly via Gtalk.

Chitterim is really worth giving a try, even if you are using best of the broadband network.  It’s simplicity, and its working in the background without disturbing what you are doing, makes it a perfect app for bloggers who want to focus more on their content.

And finally, it’s not necessary that you can’t use both apps simultaneously.  Tweetdeck is a nice app too.  If you have a lot of time to play with twitter, just start Tweetdeck; if you are busy in something else more important, just click off the Tweetdeck, and Chitterim would be running silently behind the scene with your Gtalk!

So do you wanna give it a try? Do give me your feedback, or tweet me @ganeshdhamodkar 🙂

UPDATE:  Chitterim also auto-shortens the long links.  The only thing I don’t like about Chitterim is we cannot click on the hashtags as they come via the Gtalk platform.  Hope @chitterim would sort it out soon.