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Origin of Nag River!

September 25, 2011

There is an ancient Marathi saying that goes like “You must not try to find the origin of a river and the ancestry of a sage.”  They may have their reasons to say that, but I wanted to find the origin of Nag River for my Wikipedia article.  I tried to explore the city with Google Earth going back through the course of the River, but could not locate the river past Maharajbag.  I could find where the river got lost in all the Google Earth greenery.  I could see another tributary and pours in the river somewhere near Buldi, but it had no definite source found.

The next option was to look in Google Maps, map version, not satellite.  And the map took me to the place where I had not only been to previously, but had also taken some photos.  In fact, the wall through which the Ambazari Lake goes overflow is the origin of the Nag River.

So here is the origin of Nag River for all of you:

Overflowing Ambazari Lake origin of Nag River

Leave me a reply if you find it useful.  Also, tell me if I have made an error.  You can also see this image on Panoramio to get the exact location in Google Maps and Google Earth.

I know why the caged bird sings!

September 8, 2011

It’s Sunday!  As usual, a little sweet, a little sore!  How much can a poor soul entertain itself! Explore places, take photos, edit in Picasa, geotag, upload, etc., etc., etc.; a dog playing with his own tail! It’s Sunday.

Took a little break, took a tour, within a hand’s distance: Medical Square, Reshimbag, Joshi Wadapaao, again Medical Square, Tukdoji Square, within a hand’s distance!  As long as a caged bird can fly! But I know why the caged bird sings!!

N.B. Once again an old (and incomplete) post from the drafts of my ScribeFire.  Sorry guys for giving nothing new in a while!