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Living with uncertainties

October 6, 2013

It’s again a Sunday and I am still in Goa. I went out for a walk, to a nearby church. It was closed for renovation, so I sat in the premises for a while. Then I went to a nearby garden. It’s an old garden since the Portugese days and now maintained by the Muncipal Corporation of Panaji. There is a massive cylindrical column at the center – height 12.76 meter – with the National Emblem of India on the top of it – the four lions and Satyameva Jayate. A monolith there notes that earlier there was a bust of Vasco da Gama on top of the pillar, but it was replaced with the Indian National Emblem after Goa gained freedom from the Portugese.

I have a lot of tasks to do. I have my presentation tomorrow – just a three-minute talk. I am planning to talk about Importance of Savings or something like that. I have thought nothing about it though. Then I need to prepare a book review that I must submit by Thursday. Again, on Thursday evening, these folks are arranging a cultural program where I am supposed to sing a song. I am prepared for nothing of these.

We have our training here till Saturday, so I don’t know where I would be on the next Sunday. We haven’t got any communication from the bosses about where to go and what to do, so life is with a lot of uncertainties.

I want to get some life

October 2, 2013

It was a holiday today – Gandhi Jayanti. All the batchmates had planned a tour of South Goa – I stayed out. It was a debatable decision, but I was convinced. I wanted to be alone – I’ve been to all these places just a few months ago (and it’s difficult to mingle with people). They say “Hell is other people.” It may not be true to that extent, but still – in some way.

I had good rest today after a long while. I ironed all my clothes, had a good bath, watched some random shows on TV, read a few chapters from “Games People Play” by Eric Berne, enjoyed my cup of coffee, went out for a short walk, and chilled out myself with some wafers and Appy Fizz.

I’m living quite an insipid life these days. Time is not as exciting as it should have been – and I am far away from happiness.