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How should one rate his day?

October 7, 2013

How should one rate his day? Like a day that starts on a “not-bad” note and from there goes to pretty good. You finish the day in high spirits, go to bath and have a hot shower. While you are feeling motivated – feelingg like going out and eat something, like buying some new books and find time to read them, like starting a new life again – something happens and you let everything go ruined – for reasons not clear to you – or say clear to you only.

How should one rate his day?

Impending gloom

May 27, 2013

These are tough times. While things are going through their natural course, overall there is a gloom in a bigger sense. Days are respite – pass quickly at work. Evenings are scary. This can’t go forever. This shall end at some point – this way or that – and I’m stretching its limits.