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Have we already stopped writing emails?

July 14, 2014

It has been long since I got a mail in my inbox – a personal email. Spams, notifications, promotional emails is all what I get these days. Have people already stopped the practise of sending mails?

Letters are a thing of bygone days. There was a charm to it. I’ve written letters sometimes as long as 40 pages. Even a 4-line letter is a rarity now. I won’t complain about that. Lifestyles have changed over years.

But mails? Is it because of social media and instant messaging that we are ignoring this classy and more elaborate form of communication? Can a whatsapp message ever take place of a mail? An email is an email – a virtual letter. A Whatsapp/Facebook message is nothing.

It’s my birthday today. I’ve got a couple of phone calls. I made some mandatory phone calls. I am getting loads of birthday wishes on Facebook – a formal ritual that it is. I am missing a mail.

So you are at Bankot today!

August 31, 2011

N.B. This is an old mail to Vksuradkar! It was never sent, my outlook went offline before it could be sent.

So you are at Bankot or Hareshwar today! I know these places only by name. I wish I could be with you today, on this Sunday, when I have nothing to keep myself engaged, rather I have the whole world, but just cannot skip out of this hell, to take breath! For now, till I can get out of these four walls, till I am afraid to do it, I must console myself with whatever I can get through a 3 feet x 2 feet window!

Okay, things apart! I have written a post for the blog, but it is big enough that it is creating problems while uploading from home, I must go on net for uploading. I will do it after a while. It is almost a photography post with one-line captions below each post. I hope you will like it. I will give a link on twitter, so keep an eye.

The photos are taken at different places, on different days! The first photo captioned “you grew like a giant” etc, is taken at Laxminagar Hanuman Mandir. The next three photos are taken at Reshimbag NIT gardens. And the next photos from “You made me dream, this road leads to god” are from the Grotto of Mother Lourdes.

I think I should stop writing now. Wait for my post, hope to publish it soon, but I need to go out for that.

Cya 🙂

P.S. This post was later published on this blog named “Because you Love!”