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Crazy things!

June 10, 2011
A monkey munching mangoes!

Monkey Munching Mangoes.

Think of you getting a call at some busy hour only to get the news that she just saw a monkey munching mangoes sitting on a mango tree!

Killing time

May 30, 2011

I don’t know what’s this place where I’m sitting; or let’s say I know what’s this place, but I would rather not disclose it for the interest of my security reasons (as if I am Omar Abdullah @abdullah_omar)! I would describe this place with the shair of Shaharayar ‘Yeh kya jagah hai dosto’ just because this line sounds good, poetic etc., but I’ve reserved that shair to describe my home (especially for the second line: had e nigah tak jahaa.n gubaar hi gubar hai)!

So, this is some road in the city of Nagpur and I am killing time sitting on some red bench! I don’t know who this Parinay Ramesh Fuke is, but may god bless him; this bench seems to be placed here with his courtesy!

Okays 🙂 so I’m in a bit of philosophical mood thinking what shall I do to feel a bit more narciccistic (hell with this word, I’m not gonna check it’s spelling)? I think I should try to make daily clean shaves and remove the blackheads on and around my nose 😉 Hmm, i need to stop, character limit 😦