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Getting started with Zemanta

September 25, 2011
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I usually prefer to write my blogs offline with ScribeFire or blog via e-mail.  It has some limitations, but it has its own benefits too.  I can take my own time to proofread and edit my post before publishing it finally.  ScribeFire supports Zemanta, but it does not look as great as I found it on Gaurav’s blog, so I was thinking about adding Zemanta to my Firefox so that I can try out the services of Zemanta that Gaurav had stated “Rock!!”

So, for this post, all the internal links (except the link to Gaurav’s blog), the Zemanta logo, and the related articles at bottom are generated by Zemanta and added with just a single click.  Give me a feedback or leave me a note if you yourself are using or planning to use Zemanta on your blog.

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