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Thus it befell…

June 22, 2011

So as it befell! Baba had told me the last time about the used book shop in Sakkardara where they have library facility available. Take books home, read them (or do whatever you want), and give them back–at the expense of just Re. 25 per month. The idea itself was so fascinating that I was like looking for some free time to go and grab this opportunity. But life has gotten so busy (you know it); I hardly come home before 9 or so, so I had to keep on postponing my plan to join this offer. It is a small book shop beside the Sakkardara flyover and I knew they have just a little collection, but whatever they have, the subscription amount was so humble and the option of leaving was open all the time.

So as I finished work early today and I had nothing to do after having a roadside chicken biryani (which was all good except the chicken, and after having that I felt I must not keep myself on starvation otherwise), I finally made my way to the book shop. The guy there did not seem much enthusiastic about getting a new customer to his library. He was busy talking with some XYZ about how to get the failed paper passed through reevaluation in university. I went over the books that were kept out for show–not many–just 15 to 20 books! I asked him if this is all that they have, he said that they have much more kept inside, so I finally convinced myself to get attached. After going through the out-for-show books–Cathcher in the Rye by J. D. Sallinger, some Paulo Coelho, and some usual stuff like Arvind Adiga, Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma (I never understood why the hell he sold his Ferrari)–I picked; The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone by Shashi Tharoor, and approached to that I-have-nothing-to-do-with-you-type guy! I asked him about any formalities, ID proof, etc., he just looked at the book turning it all around and said “keep 500 Rupees deposit!” The book was a used one! Though it’s original price was 400-something, it was on sale there for Re. 120. I asked him why such a bit deposit when I can formally join a good library in much less deposit than that, he said “what if you didn’t show up after taking the book?” I had no answer. I asked him, I want to buy it. For reason unclear to me (and I’m sure for him too), he said “No!” So I returned back and consoled myself with googling The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone.

So thus it befell. What else??

My Wishlist:
1.  Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Sallinger.
2.  The Elephant, The Tiger, and The Cell Phone by Shashi Tharoor