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Sheer randomness!

August 26, 2011

This is my blog. This means that I should write here something. I know, no one reads, but that’s their problem. This is my blog, and I should write on this. May be it is not that important, because I am not a writer. Or I am nothing. I must not write. As I start writing, I go random. This is not good. Better to sleep. What should I read? Oh, we were talking about writing, not reading! I went out of focus, I am sorry!!

By the way, I think I should start writing on Ghalibana again, I haven’t written there anything for a long time. Let’s see!!

And I want to gain B (three) kg weight!!


let me be unhappy…let me be sad!

July 1, 2011

I am suffering, from don’t know what, and I don’t want you to suffer with me right now…for I want you to be there to handle me…just be there, don’t even look at me, don’t think about me, don’t care at all…because I am yours…even though I am staying away…I’m yours…just want you not to suffer with me this evening, because I want you to be there for me when I will come out of this…on that side of the tunnel…after this long dark blockage…I want you to be there waiting for me…with a smile…but please don’t look at me…just stay away…just don’t care…ignore!

Because I am ashamed of myself…don’t want to look at me at this moment…having a lot of ill feelings…that I would never do…like just go to a bar and drink to death…like just spend this night on some pavement like a homeless…like just go on bitching about people, just maligning the air…this is not the one you love…this is not the one I am…this is someone else that you don’t need to bother about…

You know I’m just wandering in circles…like a dog trying to catch his tail…where are you?…Where are you in this whole world?…just a few miles away or beyond the galaxies…I can see you there…but don’t look at me please…I am ashamed of myself…how can I come in front of you who I revere so much??

I want to pass through this as quick as I can…I know I will be fine and happy after that…but till then…but till that moment when I will see you at the other end of this dark tunnel…let me be unhappy…let me be sad…don’t look at me…don’t think of me…don’t care at all…because this is not the one whom you love…just ashamed of himself…like a dog…trying to catch his own tail…just ignore it!

Killing time

May 30, 2011

I don’t know what’s this place where I’m sitting; or let’s say I know what’s this place, but I would rather not disclose it for the interest of my security reasons (as if I am Omar Abdullah @abdullah_omar)! I would describe this place with the shair of Shaharayar ‘Yeh kya jagah hai dosto’ just because this line sounds good, poetic etc., but I’ve reserved that shair to describe my home (especially for the second line: had e nigah tak jahaa.n gubaar hi gubar hai)!

So, this is some road in the city of Nagpur and I am killing time sitting on some red bench! I don’t know who this Parinay Ramesh Fuke is, but may god bless him; this bench seems to be placed here with his courtesy!

Okays 🙂 so I’m in a bit of philosophical mood thinking what shall I do to feel a bit more narciccistic (hell with this word, I’m not gonna check it’s spelling)? I think I should try to make daily clean shaves and remove the blackheads on and around my nose 😉 Hmm, i need to stop, character limit 😦

Just another Saturday evening…

April 16, 2011

Deleting all the traces, all the footprints, leaving no trace behind.. And at the same time cherishing each moment in heart, because it’s the only place that can’t be seen from outside! Balancing on the verge of a valley, on a unstable footing, just held back with a loose rope… Uncertainty and hopes, certainty and hopelessness all go hand in hand; and we… Such things happen, we cannot help, such things happen when you seek shade under a leafless dry tree..
But who knows, the one seeking shade might me the stream of life.. It will go deep to the roots and keep the stem alive throughout the autumn, till the spring comes… The spring, certainty, hopelessness, uncertainty, immense hopes, and we…