On social media

Frankly, I am not a social animal.  Apart of just a few friends, I don’t mix up with people easily.

Twitter is my primary social tool.  I love Twitter.  I tweet with the handle @ganeshdhamodkar.  Twitter is the place where I feel like myself.  I have a very few real-life friends.  I be myself while tweeting, I don’t need to hide anything.  If you want to be with me, be with me on Twitter.

I am also on Facebook.  You can find my profile here.  I have a lot of friends, mostly real-life, on Facebook.  I tend to reject the friendship requests by strangers on Facebook.  My Facebook activity is also not as free as Twittter, but it’s Facebook, where you lie with your real-life friend (I don’t want to imply that I lie on Facebook)!

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