My Photos

One of my pictures at Ambazari, Nagpur

Ambazari Lake Overflow

I don’t consider myself as a hardcore photographer; I takes amateur photos, because I love to click.  I take photos with my mobile camera.

I share my photos both on Flickr and Picasaweb.  Lately, I am inclined mostly towards Picasa because of it’s excellent desktop photo management and facility of direct uploading.  You can visit to my Picasa albums by clicking on the image above.

I tend to set my images free with Creative Commons license.  If you wish to use any of them, please feel free.  Respect the copyrights; attribute the images to me.  I would like to hear a word from you if you found them useful.  You can also contact me if you need high-resolution copy of the images or needs a less-restrictive license.

One Response to “My Photos”

  1. Why donate images to Wikipedia? « The Blog of Reflections Says:

    […] Contact me on my talkpage or by email if you need a less restrictive license or need high-resolution copies of the images. For more information, see this. […]

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