Me, a blogger!

I have been blogging for about seven to eight years now, though the first few blogs were just experimental.  My first notable attempt of blogging was Kavyadhara, my blog devoted to Marathi Poetry.  It was one of the very first blogs in Marathi on that subjected and was also noted by Daily Loksatta as a pioneer blog of such kind.  Along with this, I also had a personal blog Parikatha and a social blog at Bahujan Hitay!  Both of these blogs are now just historically important for me as I no more update them and hardly share the exact philosophy anymore.

The most important, and most notable, of my blogs is Ghalibana.  It was started with my best friends Vinod Suradkar and Kailash Mohankar as an effort to keep in touch.  Later both of them stopped contributing to it because of some technical difficulties, but the blog continued, and soon turned out to be a valuable reference site for various topics very rarely covered on net till then.  Ghalibana can also be seen as a mirror of my ideological and philosophical stand.  It is still updated sometimes (though as not frequently as it used to be) , but still catches a good search engine visitor flow.

Lastly, Guhar Hone Tak, is my Marathi (my mother-tongue) blog where I mostly talk about things that I found hard enough to write here in English.

What are you thinking?

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