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Call him a usesless fellow

March 22, 2017

Why would one do this? To stay stuck to your laptop and not be in bed at this hour of night must be a task only useless fellows would do.  You talk of fear of tomorrow?  I bet this guy has nothing of that sort.  I bet you kidding.

So he would write these useless lines.  Not good at writing.  No.  Just because he has read a few books where cows moo and stuff, he ain’t be writing – say – Ulysses.  He shouldn’t be doing this anyway.

Two paragraphs of two-and-a-half lines each.  Let’s say impressive!  I am sure you wicked fellows will no way be amused.  Be sure one day you will claim him a no-writer.  God!  This boy’s gonna  have a good hearty lol on you that day for sure.

Not feeling useless yet?  Oh so much for your hearty hope.. I bet you he’ll prove himself a doom just so soon.