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Tidbits: Of insurance and human nature

September 16, 2016

Yesterday. A person came asking for health insurance. Asked for high sum assured. Further questioning revealed his wife has just been diagnosed with cancer. I told him cancer won’t be covered. He gave a thought, decided it would be worthless without cancer coverage.

He then asked about life insurance. For wife. I said you’ll need to declare the disease. There’ll be a medical checkup etc. He said what comes without a medical checkup. I told him I should not advise him such, but PMJJBY is the only thing that doesn’t do medical checkups. He said, given the recent diagnosis and the mental shock it gave, it would be difficult to get his wife sign the forms. Too much trouble for two lacs.

He then gave a pause. Said, “it’d be a different thing if it were 20 lacs.”


September 6, 2016

So he thought he’ll write just tidbits. He can’t write those elaborate posts anymore; not left with so much energy.

But again, he still operates with a name. A name of a real person who has a real existence out of the virtual world. No, he can’t write it like that. Can’t write about not having sex on a weekend and stuff. No. Not anything.

Don’t. That sounds a prudent advice.