Sailing on the breeze

I see many recurring themes occurring in my writings – like reading, writing, loneliness, love, and such. I don’t know what I need to do about this. Does it suggest that my life is revolving around these themes only? And if it does, do I need to make any change in how I live and what I think? Am I going good, or I am just revolving around something nothing? I don’t know.

In fact, I don’t know what I am? Am I just one of the ninety five persons around me? Or I am one of the remaining five? Or is it that I am none of them? I know I should not make abnormal estimates about myself. It would be better if I can fit myself somewhere on the line.

I usually don’t make any sense. All I do is to keep chattering about the vanities that make me, then again I fall silent till the next revelation. That’s why my talks are so absurd. That’s what makes my life so “be-tarteeb.”

Be-tarteeb (noun), Urdu – without any arrangement or sequence; chaos. This word defines the most of me. Most of the time, I am sailing on the breeze, without any specified plan of action. I start a book not to finish it. I sing songs, but not to become a singer. I open a blank page without knowing I would write anything or not. I know this is not something to take pride in. It’s rather something that demands a serious thought. Is it a right way to pass one’s life?

Okay, I am getting philosophical. I should leave it here only.

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One Response to “Sailing on the breeze”

  1. prateek Says:

    it s true that time pyar ishq mohbbat aashiqi sajan janam mahboob etc ka over dose ho gya ta..(but its doesnt mean ki songs wrost te)..thats why double meanning songs bi aane lge te…but double meanning songs bi,kuch,zyada hi vulgur hone lge ek balance ki zaroorat ti.. phr alisha chinoy ka albu made in india ne proof kiya listners yahi chahte hain..phr dheere dheere private albums new singers k sath hit hone lge .n old songs k remix bi hit hone lge..but 2ri taraf pyar mohbbat ka bollywood songs bi hit ho rhe te..n finaly bollywood ko samjh me aa non singers k album n old songs k remix jb log pasnd kr rhe hain ..toh ese hi bollywood music bnaya jaye..n non singers bollywood music me aa gye n orignal songs k sath remix bi,aane aab tk continue hai..i think pyar mohbbat ka overdose ta toh kuch,change hone te bollywood music me..but non singers ko bollywood music me la k n udit sanu alka kavita anuradha sadhna abhijeet shreya etc ko such a young age me ghr baitha k bollywood ne gunah kiya

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