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When I was haunted by a tamarind ghost

April 25, 2014

It was a weird dream I had last night. Suddenly, I started to feel like I am doing strange things – like I am haunted. It appeared to be in Buldana. I took a ST bus and drove it in the ghats. I knew that I can’t drive, but still I drove it with hitches and left it in the midway where it stopped. In another instance, I again took another bus and again drove it in the ghats – this time much further than the last time. At some point, I realized I must be haunted; otherwise how would I drive without knowing how to drive? I realized it started with my visit to Casablanca property – a hilly forest area around the Buldana ghats (In fact, there is no such property there, though the area is hilly and with a sparse forest. The name Casablanca is completely fictional, which, it seems, the dream took from one of the movies I watched recently.

I told people about the strange things happening to me – that I drove the bus etc. I was trying to convince them that I was haunted and that I knew I was haunted. Somehow, there came one of my seniors from my current office (i.e. in Mumbai). While talking to him, I remembered it apparently started from a tamarind tree in the jungle. He seemed excited and asked “Tamarind tree? Then it’s simple..” He took a dry tamarind, encircled it in the air above my head and broke it on side of my forehead. Suddenly, smoke started coming from around my head and it condensed into the tamarind. He then threw away the thing, and I became free of the ghost.