This time, Nehru spoke for me…

Those were days before the Lahore Congress of 1929. The Congress had decided to demand for complete independence in this session. Nehru was to be the president of the congress.

This is what Nehru later wrote in his Autobiography about these days:


What the distant future held for us and our country, none dare prophesy; the immediate future was clear enough, and it held the promise of strife and suffering for us and those who were dear to us. This thought sobered our enthusiasm and made us very conscious of our responsibility. Every vote that we gave became a message of farewell to ease and comfort of happiness and the intercourse of friends, and an invitation to lonely days and nights and physical and mental distress.

Though in a different context, these are my thoughts, when I’m looking forward for the big thing.

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2 Responses to “This time, Nehru spoke for me…”

  1. hadeelnaeem Says:

    The subcontinent has seen amazing leaders in the past.

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