Today’s Menu: Egg paratha

I’m not a big foodie, but I feel free to take an off from my routine and check something on the street.  I do  it quite often; I just don’t write about it.  Food is not my forte; I like to have it rather than to write about it.

Egg Paratha Stall at IT Park, Nagpur.

But this place I saw today was really yummy. I had an “egg paratha” here that was quite classy; I haven’t had such a taste in a long while.  It was really something different from the routine noodles, Manchurian, masala dosa, veg pulao, panipuri, sevpuri, pasta, pizza, veg puff, sweet corn, red pasta, chocolate fantasy, etc; and I like anything served with tomato ketchup!

It was quite yummy; and I like anything served with tomato ketchup!

So, the interested ones, who want to try something different, who are around IT Park Nagpur, and for whom street food is not a taboo, it is worth a try, and a revisit if you must! For total veggies, it offers “aaloo paratha,”  but I haven’t tried it,  so cannot comment.

For those, who cannot try it for whatever reasons, or don’t want to, but just want to read about food, go Earthdrifter, he writes quite often about different kinds of food.

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2 Responses to “Today’s Menu: Egg paratha”

  1. EarthDrifter Says:

    GANESH: Thanks for the link! Well, since I’ve been in Riyadh, food posts have turned into the norm, because, well, that’s what there is to do here. There are so many Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos, no to mention many other nationalities, that this city is a food haven. I love food, so it works for me. 🙂 BTW, I had the best aloo parantha in a restaurant on Calangute Beach in Goa. As for street food in your immense India, more often than not, you can watch them cook it, which means it’s totally safe. 🙂 I find the streets of Indian cities to be a food paradise, and of course the restaurants too.

  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    now i m feeling hungry… i m asking zi to make a double omlet for me.. 😉

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