Off to reading the History of Medieval India

I have torn a book in three.  I should have done this much earlier.  I had a big old copy of “An Advanced History of India” by Majumdar, Raychaudhuri, and Datta—a tome of 1100+ pages—1990 print.  I tried to read it several times, but could not do that with any consistency with its size and huge scope.  The book covers the Indian History from pre-Vedic ages up to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.  Due to this wide spectrum of period, and due to my personal inability to hold on my efforts over such a long read, I could read only parts of this book here and there.  In an effort to manage it in a decent way, I tore it in three, and what I am going to read is only part II, viz. Medieval India—from around 1100 to 1750s. AD.

Medieval History of India is often ignored in favor of ancient history or the British period.  Even in the medieval period, most of the emphasis is given on Moghul Empire, and the other sultanates (Slave dynasty, Tughlaq, Deccan dynasties etc.) are often ignored.  I’d learned this period part of Indian History in 7th standard, and not in a very interesting way.  My knowledge of the medieval India is inconsistent, sporadic, and least reliable.  I wanted to refurnish it and arrange it in a chronological manner.

I know I have not been reading good these days.  I had many other problems (exams etc.) in the meantime.  Now that I am free, I would like to set some timeline for me so as to keep an eye on my progress.  The medieval part is of about 300+ pages.  In normal conditions, I wouldn’t have given it more than a week (and certainly not more than 3-4 days if it had been a fiction), but due to my 9-hour-a-day work schedule and other liabilities, and due to the academic nature of the book, I have set up a time limit of 15 days to finish the book.  It’s a Sunday morning, September 16th, and I commit myself to be done with it by another Sunday morning, September 30th.  The countdown begins…

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2 Responses to “Off to reading the History of Medieval India”

  1. EarthDrifter Says:

    Sounds like fascinating stuff. Good luck reaching your goal. I’m not reading anywhere near the amount of what I should be. I find myself falling asleep when I try to read my novel, gotta borrow some of your motivation and get on it…

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