The captain of a sinking boat (a cartoon)

Cartoons are in a “yo” nowadays!  You just need to create a potentially controversial cartoon and you get a sudden fame.  An intelligent guy like me should not let go this opportunity and must try to fetch as much fame as I can.  I’ve some contacts up there; I’ll try if they can put me in jail, then I will deny a bail etc., you know it all!  So here is the first step towards being famous, my cartoon 🙂


Now, as I am a very good painter, especially good in abstract painting, you will have some difficulty understanding my cartoon, so let me explain it a little.  There is a boat that is sinking.  People are jumping off of it with lifejackets etc.  Those who are jumping will surely find some help.  The captain has still not left the boat, not because he believes in his duty to be on the boat till the last breath, but because he is confident that he has a working parachute and he can easily land off at any point 🙂

P.S. Just heard, a few more people left to join another organization!

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7 Responses to “The captain of a sinking boat (a cartoon)”

  1. EarthDrifter Says:

    Didn’t know you were so artistic, nice job. Is it the sign of the times, or business always? Business is tough. The higher ups are always looking out for themselves. This is business everywhere. The rich control the poor, and everything. Sad but true.

    You’re not going to jail for your satire. You live in a free land.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Frankly, I am worst at drawing. It’s the only subject I’ve ever failed in, in the school days. The “jail” reference was for a recent jail to an Indian cartoonist for publishing a cartoon desecrating the national symbol of India.

      And it’s a good decision to jump out before the ship finally sinks 🙂

  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    then all d best for you job hunting spree. or is that that you have already found one? 😉

  3. The AntiNietzsche Says:

    Parachute? What is it with captains these days not going down with their ships? Have we learned nothing about honor from watching Titanic?! 😛

    Also, when in doubt, just keep insisting it’s abstract art. And if anyone questions it, accuse them of not being sophisticate enough to understand the complex artistry of the work. 😀

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