I don’t take much risks. I should!

I have heard of people who enclose themselves within a barrel and roll over the Niagara fall.  I would probably not do that; I don’t take much risks.

It was a weekend.  Excitement was in the air; kind of mania.  Nothing special, just a bit of freedom!  I went to Ambazari.  It was flowing over and people were enjoying the free shower!


I stayed away, as I usually do, from the brim, watching the people enjoying.  I tried taking photos.  Some boys were diving from the high sidewall on which I was standing.  I wanted to take an “up in the air” shot; I couldn’t exactly catch that moment.  It was somewhere between this:


and this:P080912_17.02_[01]









I watched them, as a sane person should do, from out of the water!  I cannot get in water.  I am not a very good swimmer.  I don’t take much risks.


Few moments tend to be crazier than the others—for no reason—those make you think, why they? why not me?

:      I should at least go ahead and take a few photos from closer, from down the stream!
:     Hmm, I’m in the office dress, not something suitable for such crazy things!
:     My shoes will get dampened; can’t go ahead without crossing at least the ankle-deep outflow.
:    So what?  I didn’t care for shoes when rain drenched me from top-to-toe that day!

Shall I?

I did.  I put off the clothes and became one of them.  I was no more the one on the strand, dry!  I was crazy!!


I took their photos and they were more than happy to return the favor.


This cute little boy (Pravin Khaire) took the above photo of mine!  He gave me his Facebook ID so that I can send him his photos.


And finally this sunset!  Perhaps, I will never get this view and angle of Ambazari again.  I don’t take much risks; certainly not! (Tell me I should change my opinions about myself!)

Once I wondered “Can I ever get out of towel?”; today I was almost nude out there, just using my office shirt “to cover the secret” while changing the innerwear.  I wore the same inners again, just tried to squeeze them a little to make them a less wet.


I was no more one of them.  I was—I was someone else than the one standing in them a while ago!


I again put on my office clothes, tried to look as much a gentleman as I could, and I got out of there.  I won’t take much risks!


The sky looked wonderful as never before.  I don’t take much risks.  I should!!

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10 Responses to “I don’t take much risks. I should!”

  1. kmohankar Says:

    wow! You must have enjoyed a lot. I wish I could be there. I don’t care much even I get suffered from Cold.

  2. The AntiNietzsche Says:

    It looks like it was very refreshing to just be able to blend in with the scenario there, and possibly forget the world for a few moments. Thanks for sharing the experience with us, and those are some nice shots, by the way. Also, smart move on putting a copyright on your photography to lessen the burden of dealing with potential plagiarism issues again.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Hi, sorry for late reply; network problems here! It was really a refreshing experience; it made me forget almost everything for a while.

      As far as the copyright, the photos are still CC-BY-SA, so people can still use them; what I need is just attribution and that I assured with the watermark (thanks to Windows Live Writer).

  3. mayur hulsar Says:

    nice ones… keep them coming Ganesh.

  4. Impavid Says:

    This is not so “you” 🙂

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