Waiting for the departure bell

I skipped the office today.  First, I deliberately got up late, at around 9, one hour late than my scheduled office hour, and then slowly sank in the idea of bunking the office as I was getting ready, leisurely.  Now, tomorrow, again I cannot go office as I have some important work to do and will probably need to go out of the town.  It is getting tougher to work at that place, as it is getting clear and clearer that I am going to leave it sooner than later.

I’m expectantly, anxiously waiting for the departure bell.

P.S. I don’t know if writing this is a stupidity.

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7 Responses to “Waiting for the departure bell”

  1. mayur hulsar Says:

    writing this is not stupidity as long as your current employer doesn’t read this.. 😀

  2. earthdrifter Says:

    I agree with MAYUR, no writing is stupid. Actually, I’m trying to eliminate the word from my vocabulary. 🙂 Just write and don’t worry about it, and man, you’re not even writing in your first language, my guess is that English is your third language after Maharati and Hindi, impressive. You educated Hindustanis are talented with languages.
    Another thing, I’ve been trying to get your last comment: Chirimoya looks similar to Indian custard apple from inside. I don’t know the other two, even with different names. They seem so delicious! to move over to my new site, but I just can’t figure it out at the moment so do feel free to leave it again at http://earthdrifter.com. Thanks and keep blogging GANESH!

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thank you for the complement Mike and it was really not a stupidity, I just felt so because it was not official by then.

      As far as English, I have had my education at very small places and hadn’t really heard someone speaking fluent English until I completed graduation (except on TV). I owe much of my English skilled to my training and then job as a medical transcriptionist for four years. I need to listen and transcribe American English to earn my bread!

      I’m just going to redo the comment on your new blog. The new blog does not seem to be on WordPress, does it?

      • EarthDrifter Says:

        WOW! Your English sure has come a long way in a short time. In my country, we take for granted that English is our mother tongue. Most people don\\’t bother to learn a second language.
        My new theme/host is wordpress.org not .com, which means I host myself, but still use a theme for wordpress. It\\’s more involved, all things aren\\’t so automatic like blogging through wordpress.com, e.g. I had 70 subscribers, but that didn\\’t move over automatically now I\\’m down to only 20 that signed up again, growing pains. , and using feedburner for that is a learning curve.
        Hey, nice image at the top of your blog, I need to decide whether to use an image or have a logo designed, just one more thing on my site to do list.

  3. The AntiNietzsche Says:

    You’ve implied before on this blog that writing is not a choice for you, it is a necessity. So, letting it out here is probably best for your overall well-being (it might help to clear the air a bit of the anxiety burdening you, until you reach that awaited point of departure).

    P.S. It’s nice to see you blogging again. 🙂

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