Rejoice that the Buddha has found the root of all evil

It’s the Full Moon Day of Vaishakh, Buddha Pournima, the day of birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha.  Buddha was inarguably one of the noblest souls produced by the human race—the most exalted state of what a human being can be!

I pay my humble refuge to Him, the founder of the only atheistic/agnostic religion, the Buddha, with this extract from The Gospel of Buddha by Paul Carus.

Rejoice at the glad tidings!  The Buddha, our Lord, has found the root of all evil; he has shows us the way of salvation.

The Buddha dispels the illusions of our mind and redeems us from the tremor of death.

The Buddha, our Lord, brings comfort to the weary and sorrow-laden; he restores peace to those who are broken down under the burden of life.  He gives courage to the weak when they would fain give up self-reliance and hope.

Ye that suffer from the tribulation of life, ye that have to struggle and endure, ye that yearn for a life of truth, rejoice at the glad tidings!

There is balm for the wounded, and there is bread for the hungry.  There is water for the thirsty, and there is hope for the despairing.  There is light for those in darkness, and there is inexhaustible blessing for the upright.

Heal your wounds, ye wounded and eat your fill, ye hungry.  Rest, ye weary, and ye who are thirsty quench your thirst.  Look up to the light, ye that sit in darkness; be full of good cheer, ye that are forlorn.

Trust in truth, ye that love the truth, for the kingdom of righteousness is founded upon earth.  The darkness of error is dispelled by the light of truth.  We can see our way and take firm and certain steps.

The Buddha, our Lord, has revealed the truth.

The truth cures our diseases and redeems us from perdition; the truth strengthens us in life and in death; the truth alone can conquer the evils of error.

Rejoice at the glad tidings.

I wish a very happy Buddha Pournima to all of you.  May the Middle Path of Buddha enlighten your way forever.

सब्ब पापस्स अकरणं कुसलस्स उपसंपदा
सचित्त परियोदपनं एतं बुद्धानुसासनम्‍

To abstain from all evil
To cultivate yourself towards the best
To purify your mind
This is the Teaching of the Buddha

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13 Responses to “Rejoice that the Buddha has found the root of all evil”

  1. kmohankar Says:


  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    buddha poornimachaya hardik shubehsa to Ganesh aani serv blogger friends la… 🙂

  3. Miss Audrey Says:

    You celebrate Buddha? This is so great! Buddhism is one of the only “religions” I’m not feeling the urge to fight.
    Happy Buddha Pournima, Ganesh! 🙂

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Buddhism originated in India and flourished here for centuries before spreading out to the whole Eastern World. It sustained a sharp decline and almost fall here in India afterwards, mostly because of counter-revolutions and adaptation on Hinduism to a few principles of Buddhism (e.g. Banning the animal sacrifices in the yajnas).

      Buddhism rejenuvated in India in the mid-20th century with the Dalit movement. On October 14, 1956, around 320,000 Dalits converted to Buddhism under the leadership of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

      Today, Buddhism has again got some hold in India. The 2000 census recorded some 7,000,000 Buddhists in India, most of them concentrated in Maharashtra (my home-state). Nagpur, the city I live in, is an important center of Buddhism in India.

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  5. versa kay Says:

    Thanks and wish you a great Buddha Poornima to you too.
    The middle path is truly the golden path.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks; wish you the same too! The Middle Path is indeed the essence of Buddha’s teachings, which is quite optimistic contrary to the pessimism often attributed to Buddha regarding the four Noble Truths.

  6. earthdrifter Says:

    Fascinating stuff GANESH: the only atheistic/agnostic religion ‘Hmm. To me: Buddhism makes more sense than anything else, Although I feel that to put all one’s energy into one creed (including full-fledged atheism) is overkill. I like to think that that there is an inner God. My objective is to take the good from all religions and incorporate them into my my own spiritual stance. 🙂

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