One year of the Blog of Reflections

It’s April 9th.  The Blog of Reflections is completing its first year today entering in the new one with great hopes and expectations.  One hundred and eighteen posts, about three hundred comments, more than thirty subscribers, well above 10,000 hits, and finally but most importantly, quite a few new friends—I had never expected this much, when, last year on this date, around the very same time, I had started this venture in very much unfavorable conditions.  I think I must take this opportunity to take a little pause and thank all my blog-friends for their continued patronage.  I have already missed a couple to chances to thank all of you:  once when it was my 100th post and then again when it completed first 10,000 hits.  I must not let this opportunity go this time.

Beside Master and Kailash, my closest friends in real life, Gaurav and Mayur were the very first regular visitors.  Gaurav blogs on mathematical sciences and Mayur writes on his experiences with photography.  Both of these topics being subjects of my interest, and both of these guys falling in the same age group as of mine, I connected with them very quickly, and when I mentioned blog-friends above, it certainly included them both.

Then comes Miss Audrey, a Romanian girl in her early 20s.  Audrey blogs about her inner self, her feelings, and she in undoubtedly one of the most honest, most innocent girls I have seen blogging.  As my subjects of blogging are mostly related to India, I know sometimes they fall out of reference for her, but she still reads most of my posts and is one of the most valuable reader for me.

Then, Suja, she blogs about Indian film music, mostly from the classic age of Bollywood, and I really appreciate her for being a long-time subscriber of this blog; I’m really not sure if I write good enough to interest a consummate blogger like Suja madam.  Again, I must not forget Mike, the earthdrifter, a travel blogger who loves traveling, and even more traveling in India.  Mike is always the very first one to read my posts as soon as they are published, and gracious enough to always let me know his thoughts via comments.

Then, Pradnya, who is one of the top commentators of this blog, whom, unfortunately, I have not seen here for a long while, and I miss her valuable suggestions in the comment section.

Then there are the other subscribers who have joined lately—it is not possible to mention them all—and also the lot many who came via Google and co.

I once again thank all of you for you love and confidence in me.  I hope the next year would be a more exciting one for all of us.

See you back soon! Red rose

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6 Responses to “One year of the Blog of Reflections”

  1. earthdrifter Says:

    GANESH: Thanks for the mention! Hey. Here’s a thought. As for comparing the way you write to Suja Madam’s stellar writing abilities, it would be best to focus the energy on continuing to improve your writing skills. I think it’s a given that the more we write, the better we become, I sure hope that this will continue to be the case for both of us. Congrats on the one year of blogging, may the second year be even better…

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      You deserved a mention Mike; you are the first one to comment this time too. I agree with you that I must focus on improving my writing skills. I am going to try writing more in order to get a better hold on writing. Thank you for your suggestion 🙂

  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    Heartiest congratulations Ganesh… Until you posted I never knew its going to b one year so soon for me too.

    On this eve I would wish you another year of success. May you write stuff which is intriguing to everyone. And most importantly you write more frequently and let those mood swings of yours may not deter you from blogging. 😀

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      I wrote a reply for your comment, but somehow it got deleted, so again!

      Thanks for your wishes. I never remembered the birthdays of my blogs previously, but this time as it was a regular affair, I made it a point to myself, and I particularly knew April 9th. As far as writing more frequently, let’s see 🙂

  3. versa kay Says:

    Congrats on the happy occassion. We look forward to a lot more of your lovely posts in your second year in blogsphere.

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