Of a weary evening

Looking for a metamorphosisIt’s a weary evening after the first working day of the week.  The empty evenings feel scary after an all eventful day.  Emptiness, sometimes it brings a kind of longing; sometimes just makes me feel awed with magnitude of the yet-not-happened, but never a sense of relief.

This empty evening.  What shall I do now?  Nothing!

P.S. The above creature is myself, yesterday, on a hair saloon chair, the same empty, looking for a metamorphosis.

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5 Responses to “Of a weary evening”

  1. mayur hulsar Says:

    you should try hitting to a local pub with your friends… pity, my evenings go sleepy if I m back to home from mornings.

  2. Earthdrifter Says:

    Deep stuff GANESH. You mention: magnitude of the yet-not-happened. In the western world we’ve been taught to preoccupy ourselves with the not-yet-happened. It’s a challenge to live in the moment. When we worry about the future (preoccupy ourselves), that gets in the way of what we’re trying to accomplish in the moment. OK, i”ll admit, not worrying is much easier said than done. Good luck! 🙂

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Mike, I am really happy you find it deep stuff unlike most of others who might have found it trivial. It was a mood and it was real deep!

      And this is a new, different, and happy evening (you may find the reason in my latest post)!

  3. mayur hulsar Says:

    hmmmmmm. 😉 thats is the reason, i asked you to hit the pub. even a nominal drunker would agree that getting your tanks up is the best way to make friends.

    bdw, i m just kidding, i know that you dont drink. i try to keep stuff light if one is serious that way sometimes one’s focus towards tension goes away. oh my god, what i m writing, hope makes sense to you, for me it is not. 😀

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