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On getting “India after Gandhi”

March 27, 2012

My copy of "India after Gandhi" that I just got from Flipkart.Just got a parcel of India after Gandhi from Flipkart as a gift by Kailash.  I had put it on my wishlist a couple days ago and Kailash promptly made a purchase for me.

Here I am with an about-900-page nonfiction book, and I am overwhelmed with two exactly  opposite feelings at the same time.  I want to devour it all in a go, and at the same time, I want to imbibe myself into it dip by dip.

This would be the straight third book revolving around the same subject that I would read after India wins Freedom by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Freedom at Midnight by Collins and Lapierre.

Got the book, felt it all over, read the front and back pages, preface, reviews, even copyright page, and everything that I can do before actually starting it—and still feeling its brand new smell!  Oh, I can’t thank Kailash enough!  Oh, I can’t wait more to finally read it!

See you soon!Red rose

P.S.  Just in case if want to read my previous posts about books.

Of a weary evening

March 26, 2012

Looking for a metamorphosisIt’s a weary evening after the first working day of the week.  The empty evenings feel scary after an all eventful day.  Emptiness, sometimes it brings a kind of longing; sometimes just makes me feel awed with magnitude of the yet-not-happened, but never a sense of relief.

This empty evening.  What shall I do now?  Nothing!

P.S. The above creature is myself, yesterday, on a hair saloon chair, the same empty, looking for a metamorphosis.

On the dawn of Sunday morning

March 25, 2012

It’s the wonderful time of Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., and I am already awake for more than an hour now.  People usually tend to sleep late on holidays; I habitually get up early on Sundays; I want it to be a long long day.

There were times when I had a whole lot of things to do on Sundays and I used to start getting anxious about them from Saturday nights only!  I will probably find something to do now as well.

Teenagers killed two students by reckless driving: Shall we expect justice?

March 19, 2012

Saturday evening, around 5 p.m.  ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Nagpur’s Students were going home in groups after college.  A high-speed car came from behind and hit two.  So reckless was the car that it dragged those students for about 50 meter before stopping.  In an attempt to escape, the driver took it reverse and hit another two students before hitting the car on the road divider.  The crash was so intense that one of the tyres of the car burst up at the scene.

Hitvada News: Click to Enlarge

As it turned out, there were four boys in the car, all minors, around 17 years of age.  There was no question of having a driving license.  All these four boys are from super-rich families:  son of a businessman , of a builder, of an education industrialist, and of a renown surgeon.

ITI students are mostly from poor families, coming from outskirts of the city, with a dream to quick-earn a vocational diploma to help their families.  The parents of the two injured students can’t even afford the bills of Intensive Care Units of the private hospital where they were admitted by bystanders.

There is already a lot of meddling going on in the case.  Firstly, they tried to maintain that those boys were not driving the car, but a paid driver.  There also seems to be an ongoing effort to create confusion about the main culprit’s name, apparently to keep his original name off record.  This boy, who was driving the car, was named Sahil in yesterday’s newspaper; today there was a confusion whether he is Sahil or Salil.  One boy from that gang, son of the surgeon, was absconding till the last news came, and his father had switched off his mobile phone.  A simple Google search yesterday showed a twitter account of one of boys; now it shows the account does not exist.  Etc. etc.

Two lives lost.  Two are struggling with life and death in the intensive care units.  There must be the strongest possible punishment, both to the kids and their parents, more to send out a strong signal than to punish this individual act.  But, we already have too much lenient laws for road accidents, and money and take out a way of anything.  We don’t know if there will be any justice ever!

UPDATE (March 21, 2012):  We trust the police and it seems honest in its investigation.  The main accused was denied a bail and was sent to a juvenile observation home yesterday.  The court maintained that justice seen is as important as justice done.

From melancholy to happiness: Three solo songs by Lata Mangeshkar

March 5, 2012

Life has gotten like a musical; I find a song for every situation.  I wonder sometimes whether these song make my mood or my mood brings up these perfectly fitting songs.

I was feeling so low for the whole last week, feeling like I am good-for-nothing, and was singing “na kisi ki aankho.n ka noor hoon…” all the time.  Indeed, it is one of the most depressing songs we have.  Penned by Muztar Khairabadi (Javed Akhtar’s grandfather) and filmed over the last Mughal emperor Bahadurshah Zafar for the 1960 movie “Lal Quila”, Mohd. Rafi’s rendition is heart-wrenching.  For those who don’t know it, it goes like:

Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hoon
Na kisi ke dil ka qaraar hoon
Jo kisi ke kaam na aa sake
Main wo ek musht gubar hoon

Neither am I a sparkle to someone’s eye
Nor I am a solace to someone’s heart
I am a fistful of dust—good for nothing!

If you need a strong dose of melancholy, go and get it!  “Why shall someone come and pray on my grave?  Why shall someone bestow flowers?” etc. etc.

Okay, today I am not here to dip you in that melancholy.  I am here with springs of joy!


I cannot stop writing

March 1, 2012

I often get a question:  “How do you write?”  It has a wide range of connotations:  “How do you get such thoughts?”; “How can you find time to write?”; or just “Why the hell you stress yourself after a workday? Don’t you get tired ?”  The answer is simple for me.  I write because I write; I cannot do otherwise.  I cannot live without writing.  It is not about writing a blog or writing online.  Writing online is kind of a perversion, because I cannot write on-paper for many reasons.  Writing online has its benefits too; I get a quick response and I can refine my thoughts if there is any odd thinking.

I never knew myself for years that I can write.  I was a reader; reading for my own pleasure.  I never understood at what time my reading changed from “just reading” to “a reading experience.”  At some point in my reading career, without even knowing myself, I started interpreting things in my own way.  And I started to realize whatever I had read until then was just a reading practice for the years to come.  Earlier, I used to devour hundreds of pages in a day, but it was just a preparation.  Till then, I hated poetry.  I had never brought a poetry book from library.  I never understood why people write poems.  It was all because I had never read good poetry, or I had not learnt interpreting things till then.  All this happened around my early twenties.  From around 19 through 21, I was turning from a “reading reader” to a “writing reader.”