What is God? I need ideas!

Here I am back, this time not to tell something, but to ask all of you “what is God?”  I know this is one of the toughest questions one can have, but I don’t want to know what God really is, neither do I mean to ask “does He exist or not?” (now call me a sexist for calling Him “He”), I just want to know what God is for you.

Which way leads to Thou, oh God!

I want to know your personal opinions and not what your religion thinks about it, but if you are putting your thoughts as a representative of your religion, please put a note to let me know such.  You can put your thoughts in comments, or if they are lengthy enough, you can trackback on your own blog.

I hope this ordeal would help me to get a better understanding of one of the most complicated ideas of human conception, and hopefully I will get some insight into my philosophy of God too.

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11 Responses to “What is God? I need ideas!”

  1. earthdrifter Says:

    God is typically whatever we’re taught as young children. There are different forms but they’re all similar. God to me is inner deep. It’s more profound than traditional religion. It’s respecting everything and everyone around you. Hope that helps. Keep pondering. 🙂

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks Mike for your comment. As a Hindu, I grew up seeing idolatry as a way to reach God. As a grown up now, I see I perception of God has grown up with me too. I can hardly bow before an idol now. “God is inner deep” is something closer to me, but I’m thinking of something more exact than that. I am looking for a few more opinions. Perhaps, I will write a post about my own views about God after that. Thanks 🙂

  2. pradnya Says:

    i share love-hate sort of relationship with god.i do not believe in rituals.i am not very religious person.i thank god whenever something good happens to me,and start disbelieving when things go wrong.again,in times of difficulty,i pray to god and i want god to listen to me and not disappoint me at least this time.so i guess,i have always perceived god as if he is a judge of this universe and will never allow bad things to happen to good people.he is somebody who will create balance in the system.he will always punish all evils.but practically,we live in a real world and this world is not fair all the time.may be my perception about him is not really right.some people say whatever happens,it happens bcoz of ur past karmas.i feel its really unfair.why god makes us go through this vicious cycle of karma? i dont really know.
    so i have my own apprehension about god.its really a complex system to understand.but i do think that we should try to seek god in our parents who love us unconditionally,in our friends or even a stranger who helps in the difficult times.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks Pradnya for your comment. Like you, I too don’t believe in rituals, but I think rituals are not the essential part of the religion. One can be religious even if he does not believe in rituals at all. I don’t believe in rituals and still consider myself a very religious person. It depends on what religion means for us. Being religious can be very much different from believing in established religious institutions.

      Thanks again! I will take a note of your opinion while writing my philosophy of God.

  3. mayur hulsar Says:

    Ganesh, thanks for asking this question. And now that u have asked, now u should b ready for what’s going to come. 🙂

    For me God is not existent. I m not idol prayer. Nor do I specifically think of it as an entity. The remembrance of God comes to me in very special times. The times when I m in knee deep trouble. It is in these times when I really crave for God’s existent. I beg and beg to bring me out of the mess that i m in. This started from the time when my class teacher used to bring unit test paper marks to our class room. I literally begged to God sometimes in mind and sometimes lips puttering that let my marks b alright. From those ancient times to the recent times when I was in an airplane which was going through turbulent air. I remembered him every-time when the plane hit an air-pocket and plunged some meters towards Earth.

    It might appear funny or rather selfish but I also prayed to God when I saw my granny almost near to death.

    I cried and prayed almost at same time when I was in love. I told God to let her fall in love with me, even knowing that no matter how much impossible that was to happen.

    Probably I was selfish every time. But I feel I m not alone. Maybe everyone might have done this some time or other.

    Maybe if there is God anywhere then he might b looking after u irrespective of whether you remember him or not. Despite I ignoring him, I sincerely feel if there is really God then I must b one of his favorite boy. I could b wrong, but then its between me and him.

    I feel there is someone watching me, throughout my life, my good deeds my bad deeds whatever I do hes looking after me. Sometimes pampering me by throwing unexpected good things and sometimes punishing or teaching me about various stuff.

    Indirectly through him and directly through my previous experience I learned that maybe he likes me to smile all the time and maybe people around me too want this.

    So I keep up that smile, and thats what I feel makes me near to him.


    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Mayur, your opinion is prototype of one who thinks God does not exist, but wish if He would.

      I had been an atheist for a long while, and never thought of God in any difficulties I might have had. Indeed, it was one of the toughest phases I have had, but still I managed to sail through without any emotional assistance of God, and even without thinking of it.

      But lately, I am turning towards agnosticism as it seems to be a more logical option. I in no way believe in the existence of God as it is taught by religions. I am pretty sure this world is self-sufficient to go on on itself, it does not need some supreme power to make it run.

      For now, I have a base philosophy ready for me, and still refining it and wondering if I can get some help from here.

      • earthdrifter Says:

        Perhaps everyone on earth, no matter what they believe or claim not to believe, are agnostics by default. YES! It appears to be the most logical philosophy.

  4. risingbharat Says:

    On a lighter note , God is the one friend you can blame for every trouble in your life . he/she is the one person on whom you can vent your frustrations out and he/she will not mind listening.

    That is the philosophical side. However I came up with ramblings on how god and his worship evolved over time, maybe that can help you a bit

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks for your opinion Sir. I do agree in part that we can see God as a friend, but I think I don’t need Him to blame things on. We, and the situations what we are in, are most of the times responsible for our bad phases. The situations are made from a collective effect of acts by a lot of people.

      I’ve read your article, will try to incorporate the ideas. Thanks.

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