I deserve you, I do!

I have not been writing these days.  My computer has caught a virus and would need a cleanup.  Also, life is going too much tumultous on the personal front, so I need to keep up with everything and also to maintain a smile.

I don’t have too much to write tonight.  I am writing this post from a pubilc computer; it does not give the comfort of the personal one.  I’ll again have to get a new setup, again a new installation of Windows Live Writer, again a template dummy post to all my subscribers, I apologize for that in advance.

In the meanwhile, I am keeping myself in-touch as much as I can with my cellphone browser.  You can always check me on Twitter.

I am running out of life, and I am living it.  I want to live it full.  I have a right to pursue happiness, happiness that for now just allures me from afar, sometimes from a bit closer.

Yeah, I’m again going random–you say I need to keep a check on myself, I go random more often than I should.  I don’t know how should I keep myself on track.  I’m running out of life, and I want to live it.

And I want to live it, because I deserve to live–I deserve much more than I have now, I deserve you, I do!

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3 Responses to “I deserve you, I do!”

  1. mayur hulsar Says:

    i can see u going haywire… this used to happen to me when I started writing a daily journal.. every time i tried writing something, i didn’t do well. what came out of me was just promises to myself to do good. in a way that’s ok, but outcome is also necessary. otherwise one just keep on committing and does not do any better.

    i believe u can do good, and not like me.. what u think, why i chose photography blog? maybe even u wud agree that I speak better with snaps shot by me, huh right? my snaps give me some story to write, any pondering but i can atleast write then. so its kind of reverse cycle for my itch to write.

    pick up a subject and start writing, I assure u would end up with a nice post. and if there is too much frustration about life and daily chore: do mediate. and as usual if nothing works, like as I said in my last email, go solo!!! haa haa…

  2. Miss Audrey Says:

    you deserve, you will… 🙂

  3. Rafiullah Mian Says:

    You deserve allot more.
    A break is always prove good. Allow your feelings to get ripened in the incinerator of conditions. You will see amazing things after a while.

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