Mannipaaya? Will you please forgive me?

I had promised all of you in a previous post that that I would write a post comparing the Tamil song Mannipayya with its Hindi counterpart Sharminda Hoon.  Because of my busy schedule and because of all the books I have brought, I could not find much time to share all those thought with you via a blog post.  I cannot, however, stop myself from sharing this song with you.  This is the first time ever that I am sharing a YouTube video on The Blog of Reflections.  I am in love with this song and I am sure you will love it too if you are in love, or were in love at some point.
Will you please forgive me?

I hope language won’t be a big barrier.  I don’t know Tamil too, still I enjoyed the song.  Everything is perfect, Thamarai’s words, A. R. Rahman’s music, Shreya’s voice, the 2000-year-old poetry of Thiruvalluvar in chorus, and oh how can I forget it, the picturization.  I’m loving it.  For the curious ones (like me), here is a translation (external link).

Do let me know of your thoughts, I’m waiting for them, and yeah, I am in love :-)

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8 Responses to “Mannipaaya? Will you please forgive me?”

  1. Suja Says:

    Its a lovely melody, isn’t it? I wish Rahman had not sung it himself but given it to a better singer!

  2. Tejaswi Says:

    Dude.. I found ur blog while searching for some meanings for Rehman’s songs and everything abt ur wrting from being authentic Maharashtrian.. to ur music musings.. love em all. Keep it up.. and i totally love the above song too.. u have no idea how much it is a pleasure to sing it while understanding each word of it and meaning it dat way. Hope the Hindi version is as good. 🙂 Keep writing.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks, Tejaswi, for commenting and appreciating this blog, and thanks again that you took time to read a few posts here. As far as the song goes, I loved it in its Tamil version with the translation. I am trying to learn the language, but I am in very first lessons for now. Unfortunately, the Hindi song is not this good and too much superficial as compared to the original one.

      By the way, if I am not wrong, I have read you somewhere on the net, something about housing in urban and rural areas; I remember faintly, may be I’m wrong! Wish if you had left your URL for me to track back!!

  3. Randomness… « The Blog of Reflections Says:

    […] did nothing.  I started computer, played Mannipaaya, browsed through Facebook, etc., and again played […]

  4. Vishal V Navekar Says:

    You can check the Telugu version of this song which has simpler meanings with deeper references and beautiful expressions…

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