The Pursuit of Happiness

I:  I can’t say it in words.  Gimme a pen.

Zen Master:  I don’t have one.  Tell me, what happened?

I:  I don’t know.

Zen Master:  I hate when you say you don’t know!

Scribble of a Zen disciple

I took a marker pen and scribbled “It takes only a little to make others happy.”

Zen Master:  So you want to make the easy way out?

I:  (Silent.  After a while)  I won’t need to do anything.  And I will be happy seeing people happy because of me.

Zen Master:  You can’t keep your happiness depending on someone else’s.  If you must be happy, it must be from within you.  And how can you make others happy when you yourself are not!

I:  (Silent).

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3 Responses to “The Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. Earthdrifter Says:

    Great philosophy! When people give me advice about what to write about I often think: I must write about what’s interesting to me. If I’m not interested then how will my readers be?

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