I feel blessed to have you as my friend

Dear Master,

I am extremely and honestly sorry that I could not talk to you today. I have already given you a bunch of excuses. I know you don’t need them.

I miss you, and I miss you in everything I do. For example, I miss you while doing my work on Wikipedia and Wikisource. I missed you while I was reading Freedom at Midnight. I missed you while I was humming “O basanti pawan pagal” yesterday or “jaag dil e diwana” today. I miss you in whatever creative I do. I need to share all those things with you, for you are the one who can understand how important those things are for me. I know perhaps you know nothing of “O basanti pawan pagal” or “jaag dil e diwana”, but your appreciation for whatever I do and the understanding you have of those bizarre things is the one thing I can find nowhere else, and I miss you.

You tweeted “dil dhundhata hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din…”! I wish I could tell you how much I have the same feeling. I had gotten just a year and a half with you. Now, I feel bad that I wasted a lot of it on things that were not that important. I was blessed with the company of a philosopher, and I spent most of it running behind other stuff. But I am still happy, I found you. What I am now would hardly be possible without that one and a half year, or perhaps it would just have been incomplete without someone to understand it!

Hmmm, I know I am embarrassing you. You are too shy in receiving praise, and I’m too stingy in bestowing it! But let me tell you, I would have only a little hesitation in saying this “You are the most important person in my life! I feel blessed to have you as my friend.”


P.S.  Let’s not talk about this letter on call or in person.  I am too shy too!

Note to Readers:
Master, as I call him, is the dearest friend of mine.  We had been together for about one and a half years at Chokhamela Boys’ Hostel, Nagpur.  He now lives at Velas, a little village in Konkan.  He does not have mobile network in his village and has to go out about 1-1/2 km, on the seashore, to get in network to talk to me.  He called me this evening.  I was busy, I texted him “wait”, and forgot about it.  He called about an hour later, I was on bike.  I again asked him to wait.  Eventually when I talked to him, my phone battery signaled it’s dying.  I asked him if he can wait some more time that I would go home and charge the phone; it was already getting dark, he was far away from his village, and there was a risk of being hit by a wild boar.  He had to go; my battery died too.  He said he would go on a morning walk tomorrow at 5 a.m. and we will have a talk.

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2 Responses to “I feel blessed to have you as my friend”

  1. Earth Drifter Says:

    GANESH: So I guess you made a mistake in not making it a priority to talk to your friend. We all make mistakes daily. The best thing is to learn from the mistake and be happy to have made it because you learned. Learning is knowledge. Knowledge is power.

    Reading your post makes me visualize India, something I haven’t done in the last day as Colombia is now consuming my mental energy..

  2. Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

    Yes, that was a mistake, that’s what made me feel sorry and I wrote him this mail. But then I discarded the mail and published it on the blog (with the reader’s note)!

    I’m happy that my posts are helping you to understand India better! Hope your earthdrifting will bring you back here soon! And enjoy Columbia, I’m watching up for the next post!

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