Kailash makes his very first Wikipedia edit!

I’m quite happy.  Today Kailash made his very first edit on Marathi Wikipedia.  I was almost pushing him to do this for the last two to three years, and finally he did it.  He created his first article about Ambhora, a small village in Nagpur district, famous for its confluence of five rivers.  This article is yet a stub; you can have a look at it here (Marathi content).

I mailed him a little manual this evening on basic Wikipedia editing and formatting as per his request.  He chose the subject and wrote it on his own.  We solved the little difficulties he had via phone.  As it was a learning experience for him, it was a learning experience for me too!

Kailash made my day today!

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7 Responses to “Kailash makes his very first Wikipedia edit!”

  1. Kailash Mohankar Says:

    The credit goes to you, and There is much to do. I thank you for all the help. I hope I’ll do justice in this regard. I always was in a confusion that how to start? Editing and Formatting. Finally I started something.

  2. Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

    Chhodo credit etc. It made me feel happy, I was gloomy all over the day, I’m happy now, almost sleeplessly happy!

  3. mayur hulsar Says:

    congratulations to awesome duos… Kailash and Ganesh.. great job and keep up the good work. I have seen ur page on wiki?

    would like to know why there was a strike through on one of the line?

  4. Romney Says:

    That’s wonderful, I can’t wait to get back to editing again myself 😉

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