A bit more than 140 characters

The week passed, and it passed quite quickly.  It’s too difficult sometimes to keep up with the pace of life.  A lot of things happen that you may want to note, and life just passes by!

These are a few things that kept me occupied over the last week, the things certainly a bit longer than 140 characters of Twitter, and I could not work on them to a full-fledged blog posts.

Jab uss zulf ki baat chali:  A sleeping experiment

The regular readers of this blog might have noticed I have a habit of going asleep with my earphones on.  In my last post, I had noted Mann Mohana being my lullaby for quite some time.  However, for the last three-four days, I have been using Jab us zulf ki baat chali… sung by Mehdi Hassan as my sleeping aid.  This ghazal is 14 minutes and 8 seconds in length, I’ve been listening it for the last three consecutive nights, and I have yet to listen it in full; it puts me to sleep within six to eight minutes!  The soothing voice of Mehdi Hassan, the delicate play of santoor, soft beats of tabla behind, and repeated chanting of the same lines again and again, and lo… you fall asleep within minutes!!  Wonderful listen for ghazal lovers and for those who love silent music.  You can also use it if you’re fed up with benzodiazepines!

My latest stub on Wikipedia

As I had noted in a previous post, I have been reading Freedom at Midnight these days.  It has been a wondrous read.  I have reached up to the final decision of partition of India and have finished reading “The Most Complex Divorce in History” between India and Pakistan.  I have created my latest stub on Wikipedia about Conrad Corfield, the political advisor of the Viceroy of India.  Mr. Corfield was in charge of the affairs of princely states of India and he was more concerned with the wellbeing of the states rather than their merging in India or Pakistan.  He never regretted his decision to support princely states when India itself was in a crisis.  He later told it was his job to help the states; it was not his job to make things easier for India.

I could have danced all night

My song of the day for today was “I could have danced all night” from My Fair Lady (1960s).  I am not a lover of English songs, still I liked this song the very moment I saw it in the movie.  Cute little song; I use this song to make myself feel happy:

I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and could have begged for more;
I could have spread my wings and done a thousand things I’ve never done before.

So, it’s a make-me-feel-good song for me, like it’s counterpart “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” from the same movie.

What else?  I know nothing of the rest of the last week 😐

P.S.  My posts tend to end abruptly; I must pay some attention to it!
P.P.S.  Did you try to hover the mouse over the word benzodiazepines above?  How was my trick?

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