Of an eclipse and the moon…

It’s a full moon day and we are having a total lunar eclipse this evening.  I noticed the little-less-than-full moon while coming back from office.  I knew about the eclipse, but somehow I thought it would not be visible from India.  So when I saw the moon little less, I thought it must be the 14th day of the month!  But the moon got a little more less.. yes, it was an eclipse!!

The lunar eclipse this eveningIt feels so wonderful to feel that you are watching the same moon that your beloved ones are too.  Kailash called me to tell he is watching the eclipse.  Mayur tweeted he is watching it too!

Don’t know if it was a dream!  We were on a long ride, talking, as usual, of some strangely odd topic (for example, how Mahatma Phule and Savitribai Phule (19th century) adopted an illegitimate son of a young widow) shivering with the December breeze, in a warm hug, and you screamed:  “Look at the moon, it’s wonderful” 🙂

Oh!  It’s December 10, 2011, Saturday night, and I am typing this post, sitting alone at my desktop!

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13 Responses to “Of an eclipse and the moon…”

  1. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    …..and I am very very hungry. You can not eat/drink anything until eclipse completed.

  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    though, we are in 21st century, I believe people are getting closer to stone age. And all the media is only spreading more wrong things. I cant believe why people still stick to old believes.

    An eclipse is a celestial event, unfolding in front of us to enjoy and not to hide in home away from it, why the restrain from eating during the periods.

    Ganesh, this could be my 4th or 5th post, and like always I enjoyed it. what I like most is, seizing this opportunity to spread awareness.

    But feels bad, when I see that no matter how hard you try but they are not ready to come out of old superstition.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      I agree! An eclipse is a wonderful play of nature unfolding in front of us and we must be happy that we have had an opportunity to enjoy this, but people are getting more and more superstitious these days. All the girls in my office were talking today about “not getting out of home in eclipse time etc.”

      And for your kind information, they have kept the doors of the temples closed during this eclipse here in Nagpur (Kailash told me he watched this news on a national television). May be they are afraid the Rahu/Ketu will eat up the God if he’s still hungry after devouring the moon.

      Chhodo 🙂 Hum ne to enjoy kiya bhai 🙂

  3. Miss Audrey Says:

    I’m really curious, having read your post and these comments, what are these beliefs you are talking about? I’m really interested:)

  4. mayur hulsar Says:

    I wud answer to this question, since Ganesh is sleeping and I m left to do night shift in my office. haa haa.

    Eclipses are considered bad omen in India. Hindu devotes shud refrain from eating food, going outside during eclipses. They are considered harmful for people, specially to a pregnant woman.

    All this false beliefs rose at the time when there was no information about its working and why it happens? a very long time back. But here at place, there is tendency of not questioning religion. If its in religion then it has to b right, no matter how absurd that sounds.

    We have gone ahead in many things, but still entire population wud choose to hide and watch eclipe from TV, where infact the rest of the world enjoys it in outdoors.

    there had to b a way of flushing the insanity out of people’s mind, how nice then it wud hve been, huh???

  5. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    I am also a trendy guy. I don’t like to be bounded with traditions —but I do respect them. I started my dinner after Eclipse was complete.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      There is no worth believing in the ill omens once you know that the lunar eclipse happens because of the earth casting its shadow on the moon, but these are my thoughts. I respect your feelings too 🙂

  6. Miss Audrey Says:

    Ganesh, you are a science guy 😀

  7. jamesaeoglethorpe Says:

    Nice post! We were sharing the same experience. But I think I was the only one on the rooftops around here watching.

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