Of the dark days of Bollywood Music…

Oh it was a crazy day! I had been singing Nadeem-Shravan songs all the day today. Let me be clear; I dislike this duo’s songs to the extent of hating. I don’t know what made me to go on humming those stupidly monotonous songs all over the day. But I enjoyed singing them and irritating people making them listen all those songs. Some poor guys didn’t even know I’m singing just to irritate them.

The music director duo Nadeem-Shravan reigned on the Bollywood music industry in the 1990s. It was no doubt the darkest period of Bollywood music. It is the period that made people to hate new film songs. If you don’t believe me, try listening Lata Mangeshkar singing chudi mazaa na degi kangan mazaa na dega. Can you believe it is the same magical voice that once reigned the Bollywood industry? (By the way, I don’t know chudi maza na degi was by Nadeem-Shravan or not; but they were the prototype of the 1990s).

Nadeem-Shravan started composing songs way before 1990s, but what brought them to immediate fame was 1992, Aashiqui. The songs of Aashiqui were no doubt good ones, but it was a warning bell – listen the same kind of music for the whole decade ahead. If you ask me, I can sing for at least a few hours straight a lot many songs, from happy to sad, without ever changing the rhythm. And Sameer as a lyricist, oh my God, just pathetic! I am so biased against him that I firmly believe he cannot write even a single good line anymore. Whatever he has written in his earlier days was okay, but Sameer…. Yack!! And I have once heard that guy talking on All India Radio “Javed Akhtar? He writes some shaayari-waayari; Karan needed simple songs for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..”

Okay, we will again come back to Nadeem-Shravan! These guys gave immensely popular songs to the film industry, but from a musical viewpoint, all those songs were just dumbo: Think of Dil cheer ke dekh tera hii naam hoga../ or paayaliyaa ho ho ho ho / or dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar..I can give a infinite list!! In fact, I want to give such list, but I want it with my singing performance, is anyone dying to get irritated…

And you cannot sing those songs without singing the dhikka chika rhythm – try singing dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar.. without singing the dhikka chikik portion after it. It was the era when song lyrics were must to be written with the musical part in it: e.g. naach meri jaan zara dum dama dum.. dil mein hai tufaan bhara dum dama dum… And what a pathetic lyrics “chikni chikni patli kamar aise na hila” etc. etc. in a super duper hit movie song!! I can’t even imagine Amir Khan dancing on this song!

And this duo got three filmfare awards straight in a row, first time after the maestro Shankar-Jaykishan in the 1970s (they too got it much after their top years for so so music)!

After Pardes, I thought Nadeem-Shravan have changed a little bit, but then came Dhadkan, yack yack yack!! Thanks God the 1990s ended soon! Poor guys who had to suffer those era of Indian film music!

Okay, I am not going to lengthen this post (I don’t want to irritate you much)!! I am going to sleep now with just another irritating songs by Nadeem-Shravan “ooff kya raat aayi hai, muhabbat rang laayi hai, dum dum diga diga diga diga dum dum diga diga” Good Night! 🙂

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56 Responses to “Of the dark days of Bollywood Music…”

  1. Praphul Ottathayil Says:

    I like Many Nadeem Shravan songs ….. nowadays miss them very much….. I disagree with your opinion 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,
    Praphul O.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Dear Sir, I appreciate your choice and more than that appreciate the polite way of disagreeing with things 🙂 The 1990s were your days; the 2000s were ours. Perhaps we too will miss the 2000s music a decade later.

      May be I am trying to look like an elite, I can’t say that music as my favorite, even though I enjoyed it too. We may have different choices, but we are same in that we love music that we really love!

      Visited your site! Wonderful way to show your love for Nadeen-Shravan 🙂 Thanks!

      • Praphul Ottathayil Says:

        Thanks Ganesh 🙂 In my opinion we no need to classify Music as 1990s and 2000s…I still like latest melodies from our Indian Film Music Industry…basically I like melodies…

  2. mayur hulsar Says:

    When it comes to pathetic songs, I have whole bunch of them.. And Nadeem-shravan might have had their fair number of bad songs, Ganesh you are expert in this songs department!

    In my opinion, Anu Malik is the best in worst songs. How one can forget ‘bholi bhali ladki’, and then ‘do me a favour.. lets play holi?’ The list may never end. I just wonder what he was thinking when he made those songs.

    Anyways, I really liked this post. I admire how you maintain the flow, plus mixing a total desi stuff, writing in English but still keeping it readable. So hat’s off to you, dude!

    And lastly, bcoz of this post now I have started to hum.. ‘dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar…(with the tune)’ and there is no way I m able to shake it off , of my head…. so god save me from this..

    Ganesh, you owe me for this… let me get my hands on you, till then u better try to hide… 😉

    just kidding of course.
    tk care.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Oh I’m going crazy with these songs now! Thanks (?) to you, I’m now singing “bholi bhali ladki” with five times “ho ho ho ho ho” after her “pyar wali khidki!” Pyar wali khidki is really pathetic 😉

      I spared Anu Malik only because a few of his good numbers, like Refugee etc. Otherwise, i’m yet to see a guy who would sing “main tujh ko bhaga laya hoon tere ghar se” after eloping away! (again, i’m not sure this song is by Anu Malik or not; chor chor bhai bhai!)

      And about English, my spoken English is pathetic. I’ve a hard time ordering a coffee at a coffee house! But I’m politely proud of my written English skills; too much for someone who hasn’t even heard someone speaking fluent English until completing graduation (except on TV)!

      Finally, i want to set up a mehfil now with some ‘rasiks’ like you and do ‘dhangad-dhinga’ till late night… Jaa sajana tujh ko bhula diyaa… 😉

  3. Miss Audrey Says:

    Please go to : http://currentlocationwonderland.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/my-lobsters/ . Have fun!

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  5. Vishal Says:

    LOL! Nice post.

    And their collaboration Sameer and Sanu made it even worse.

    By the way, I still have hard time to believe that NS actually composed the songs of Pardes. The sound arrangement (especially in Ye Dil, and Jahaan Piya) were so unlike NS duo that I think these songs owe a lot to the the director (Subhash Ghai) and the music arrangement by Tabun (or Ranjit Barot – not sure who did it.)

    Although, I do have to confess that I did enjoy many of their songs in my adolescent years. My only consolation is perhaps “I didn’t know any better – I was too young.” but I will never be able to forgive myself for liking “Dheere dheere pyar ko badhana hai” for instance.. 😦

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks Vishal for commenting. I’m sorry for late reply, but my computer was not working for the last few days (and it felt like handicapped without it).

      Now that we have found even our dislikes so similar (let alone the likes), I think it would be a great time me following you. Thanks for following back 🙂

    • Viren Says:

      The BEST thing that happened to Hindi Film music is Nadeem-Shravan, Kumar Sanu ceasing to do what they did… The Bastards owe everyone an apology.

  6. Suja Says:

    You made me laugh 🙂 I feel like this about most of the music of today 🙂

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  8. Bollywood music Says:

    I like every songs of Nadeem-Shravan…

  9. Adil Says:

    The N-S duo are well known for their melodious compositions but like you said, they used the same tried and tested formula in all of their work. Let’s also not forget the amount of plagiarism they’ve done over the years especially of songs from their neighbouring country. I can’t stand kumar sanu’s singing and the fact that they mostly chose him for the work is what annoys me the most, he could never keep up with the female singers. I love their melodies though, but they lack that depth of the yesteryears compositions e.g chalte chalte, dil cheez kya hai, aey dil e nadaan, kabhi kabhie etc… the N-S songs had very simple lyrics with no substance , and the lyrics which did have depth were the copied songs ! for me the golden era of bollywood music was the 40s to the early 80s… the mid 80s – early 2000s era also has some fantastic material, but it doesn’t measure up to the classic era, from mid 2000s onwards i say most of the songs are a load of trash especially the junk that’s coming out now. there are a few exceptions but on the whole the industry has lost its cultural identity

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks for your long and studious comment Adil! I agree with you about the melodies of yesteryears, but at the same time, I disagree for the music of today; there is still some genius in the industry!

      • Adil Hussain Says:

        You are right to disagree and maybe I should have been less stereotypical. There are, without a doubt, many talented artists who are producing some excellent material even today.

      • Adil Hussain Says:

        and to be quite honest with you your post changed my view of nadeem shravan ! i’ve actually realised and come to the conclusion that they’re not as great as I once thought they were … maybe it’s for the best lol

      • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

        I am honored to know that my post has helped you in some way 🙂 Thanks for coming back!!

  10. pradnya Says:

    hilarious!! i think i was in 5th standard,when this movie “sabse bada khiladi” was released,and i loved this song “bholi bhali ladki…ho ho ho..” as i was a great fan of akshay and liked all his khiladi movies.we,me n my younger brother used to dance on this song 🙂
    how stupid i was then.in another movie “mr and mrs khiladi” anu malik has given even worse songs like “jab tak rahega samose mein aaloo…” 🙂
    but one thing is there,these songs have amazing entertaining capacity :).listening to these songs will help you to take life less seriously.they are instant mood enhancers.they make u feel better.see,even reading your post on them puts me in a great joy.listening to them u feel like “see,life is so simple n stupid,and its ok to be stupid sometimes and enjoy”.and yeah i will listen to some of these songs and even watch “mr and mrs khiladi” again to have a good laugh after long time.

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Absolutely, these songs are tremendous entertainer. I still enjoy going mad with Dhinka chika dhinka chika…, and even the top 1990s melodies, just to quote randomly, batana bhi nahi aata from Baazigar, “Adaayein bhi hai, muhabbat bhi hai, shararat bhi hain, mere mehboob mein“, “tu pyar hain kisi aur ka, tujhe chahta koi aur hai…“, or “main jis din bhula doon tera pyar dil se, wo din aakhri ho meri zindgi kaa..“.

      A funny memory about this last song: I was in some third standard. There was some wedding in the neighborhood and they played this song “n” number of times (along with some other numbers, eg. Agar zindgi ho tere sang ho, agar maut ho to ho tujh se pehle, balmaaaaa… etc.) And I used to take very literal meaning of that song: “I will die if I forget you of my heart. My eyes will go blind if I dream of someone else”. I was pretty scared about the thought of going blind with the dream of someone else. I don’t remember really seeing someone in dreams, but I was a kind of “little flirty guy” back then 😉 But this song came to my mind a couple of weeks ago, and I felt you literally I want to mean it even now too: “I will no more be alive if I erase you thought out of me. I won’t mind my eyes get blind it they are not for you.” I wasn’t meaning it literally now, but still essence was the same.

      And it is so nice of you that you took time to go back and read this post. Hope you will enjoy two more posts about songs, “Spiritual songs of A. R. Rahman” and “From Amir Khusro to A. R. Rahman: A musical ride”. Do look for them 🙂

  11. imranahsanfarooqui Says:

    NADEEM & SHRAVAN are the best in the field of music they are the best and they will get the opportunity to prove them they are always best rang 2012 may be in sach a way the reaction that every instrument is working good or not it is in the same way that how the first day school begin after holidays as the days passes they will proof that they are the badshas of music the will remain the badshah of music its not the matter of 90’s or 202 2012 or 2014 2015 it is the matter of success and nadeem and shravan will get block buster very soon which will make them the badshah of 2012 2013 2014 2015 again .Agar shikaari shikaar kar na chor de is ka matlab ye nahi ke shikaari shikaar kar na bool gaya shikaari to shikaari hota hai.I am waiting for that moment jab nadeem shravan,ki dhamake daar music aur sameer ke dhamekaar lyrics aur kumar sanu udit narayan alka yagnik sonu nigam ke awaaz me phir se dhamekaar recording hogi aur khud nadeem will come back to india to proof that how much he loves music and he can do any thing for the fans of nadeem he is the one with shravan who can change the time again to 2012 to 2013 2014 to again 90’s and we are waiting eagerly for this momentum

  12. Adam Says:

    There are few Nadeem Shravan Haters or Dislike-rs. There are many more liker-s of NS Songs more than the dislike-rs. Some People here posted their frustration about NS music its their taste they may like AR Rehman Music or Dhika Chika or something else but many more people have praised NS Songs, and still NS Songs are heard at many places even these day in India- Bagla- Srilanka- Pakistan-Afghanistan..I mean the Desi people. So it shows their taste of music. I don’t think any neutral music lover hates or dislikes Nadeem Shravan Songs. Whats wrong about their songs. Please listen to dil haike manta nahi , saajan ki baahon mein. and the list of NS Soundtracks are long. I cant stand with someone who doesn’t like NS Songs. Its pity that the taste of some people has become so bad they like dhinka chika songs.

  13. Aftab Says:

    what a stupid post by the author? All you did well is to expose your hatred towards Nadeem-Sharavan. Nadeem Shravan were no ordinary composers,they touched the hearts of millions with their melodious tunes. Hum ko sirf tumse pyaar hai, Dil hai k maanta nahi, Shikwa nahi kisi se kisi se gila nahi, Ghoongat ki aad se dilbar ka, Teri ummeed tera intezaar karte hain are just to list a few amongst their hundreds of magical creations. Only NS or Jatin lalit can save the sinking ship of Bollywood’s music today. Undoubtedly, the Kings of Melody…

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Hello friend,

      Thanks for your comment. Just to tell you, after writing this post, I got too many comments from people who love the duo. Afterwards, I gave some attention to their movies too and was surprised to note how consistently they gave *hit* songs. Certainly, I don’t hold a prejudice against them now. I agree my music taste might be different, but I have learnt to respect yours too.

      Thanks again for comment.

  14. Aftab Says:

    welcome friend. Their compositions were not only hits but they are evergreen. Its very hard to compose such heart felt tunes like “Na poocho mera dil kahan khogaya, tujhe dekhte hi tera hogaya….,
    main shayar hu tera tu meri ghazal hai, badi beqaraari mujhe aajkal hai, sanam thod deta muhobbath k waade, agar jaan jaata main tere iraade…. mere haalaath aise hain k main kuch keh nahi sakta, tadapta hai ye dil leikin ye aahein bhar nahi sakta… Kaise kahun bina tere zindagi ye kya hogi jaise koi saza koi badduwa hogi, kitni mohabbat hai mere dil me kaise bathaavu use, deewaangi ne paagal kiya hai kaise dikhaavu use.. from Dilwaale. aap jo is tarah se tadpaayenge aise aalam me paagal hojaayenge, dhoondte hain hum tumko darbadar, jaane kab kahan miloge humse humsafar… All these that i have mentioned above are interludes of the songs and listen them carefully, its a request. take care.

  15. shailendra Says:

    Now a days , it becomes a trend that each and every person who is available on net , they think himself as critiques and start giving bad comments on famous creative artists….(NS)…..

    even they (blogger) don’t know any thing about music …even how to compose a single line…..

    my suggestion to you is don’t post anything that you cant even make in your life ….

    Note: Just Listen Music of movies – Judaai, RAAZ, Barsat(2005), Bewafa (2006). Kasoor…. and many more for modern style music than think again ….you looser …:) 🙂

  16. ANJUM Says:

    I feel sorry about Mr. Ganesh.. as one cannot deny the fact . N-S Asshiqui is 4 th best ever selling bollywood film music album http://www.planetbollywood.com/displayArticle.php?id=s022608074151 and many other their compositions are included in top 100. N-S are reality .. look today the songs of dirty picture, barfi, raone, dabaang, rock star etc are topping on charts having stupid lyrics like munni badnam huee,, sheela ke jawani, subha honay na day.. no music just replicas.. only Rahat Fateh khan’s songs are meaning ful. N-S are best .. Soon we will see N-S Sameer, Kuamr Sanu, Udit, Abhijeet, Alka Yagnik, Sadhna Sargam back in action

    • Dhruv Says:

      You are wrong in this case Anjum …Ashiqui is just rated at no 4. but it is still the best music selling album of all times.. It is at No. 1 and not no. 4

  17. imran Says:

    now get ready for the true meaning of music,song,lyrics,emmotions,the music which will make u to feel,the real meaning of music,the songs which will be for yrs & yrs on u r lips,as i mentioned earlier that it doesn’t matter with year,it matter with passion,now the king of melody songs r gonna come back with bhanvra,this year august,nadeem,shravan,sameer,kumar sanu,alka yagnik,sonu nigam,shreya ghosal & many more r gonna come back to make u feel the passion of music.get ready for this delighting moment.

  18. zafar Imam Says:

    Reading it lately, great post Ganesh. You’ve guts to write on music. Me too feel the same way 🙂

  19. akshay Says:

    i think some nadeem- shravan & kumar songs were excellent . but some songs like pehli pehli baar mohabat ki hai were worst and are listen by only bus drivers , criminals , slum people who does not know the meaning of music

  20. Dhruv Says:

    Well this is your opinion…Also i have seen that hating 90’s music of NS is like a fashion trend of Dudes..in the same way as they support Chelsea or Man U …In short Just for “Tashan” …..

    For me i think NS started the trend of musicals….They ruled the industry for a decade..and unlike you are describing them as useless and bad musicians…Still nobody could beat the music sales which are credited to them….

    You are in Minority Dude….But it is your taste…keep it…

  21. imranahsanfarooqi Says:

    Mr akshay try to listen the songs of Sirf Tum once again concentrate on the lyrics with the music so I am sure u will realise the true emotion,the passion,of music,I am a professional in the field of computers,I am working as Manager but I have my opinion that u don’t have the taste of music or knowledge of music,Any how One more good news for Nadeem & Shravan fans the MOVIE of DEEWANA gonna remake again by the same director.and the music director is going to be again Nadeem With Shravan.agar aaj ke daur me kaha jaaye to aaj ke daur ka har singer sivaye rone ke kuch aur kaam nahi kar sak ta,aaj ke naye singers se to accha kutta bhoonk leta hai,aur himesh jaise music director ko music dene ke bajaye khud ki awaaz me naak se gaane ka bhoot chada hua hai,to aaj ke daur me gana kaha hai,this is why 90’s songs are known as the golden days ,because koye aur nahi sivaye Nadeem Shravan ke etne songs ko Launch kiya hoga Aashiqui,Deewana,Hum Hai rahi Pyaar ke,Dil Hai Ke Maan Ta Nahi,Saajan,Rang,Phool Aur Kaante,Saathi,Sadak,Dil Ka Kya Kasoor,dharti putra,Sainik,Dil Tera Aashiq,Dilwale,Salami,Barsaat,Dilwale
    Saajan Ka Ghar
    Zamaana Deewana
    Saajan Ki Baahon Mein
    Teri Mohabbat Mein
    All Time Hits
    Raja Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director
    1996 Agni Sakshi
    Saajan Chale Sasural
    Raja Hindustani Winner, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director
    Winner, Star Screen Award for Best Music Director
    Jeevan Yudh
    Hi Ajnabi
    Saat Rang Ke Sapne
    Pardes Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director
    Winner, Star Screen Award for Best Music Director
    1998 Maharaja
    1999 Aa Ab Laut Chalen
    Sirf Tum
    2000 Dhadkan Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director
    2001 Kasoor
    Ek Rishta
    Hum Ho Gaye Aapke
    2002 Yeh Dil Aashiqanaa
    Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya
    Raaz Nominated, Filmfare Award for Best Music Director
    Winner, Zee Cine Award for Best Music Director
    Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai
    Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
    Dil Hai Tumhaara
    Jeena Sirf Merre Liye
    2003 Dil Ka Rishta
    Indian Babu
    Yeh Dil
    Zinda Dil
    Raja Bhaiya
    2004 Sheen
    Kal Na Kal Ye To Hona Hin Tha
    Tumsa Nahin Dekha
    2005 Bewafaa
    Dosti: Friends Forever
    2006 Mere Jeevan Saathi
    2008 Gumnaam – The Mystery
    2009 Do Knot Disturb
    2009 Sanam Teri Kasam
    2014 Vishesh Films Next Pre-Production
    2014 Deewana 2 Pre-Production

  22. Tera Baap Says:

    I completely disagree. The 90’s were amazing because of Nadeem Shravan. I think the music of nowadays got into ur thuck skull and u dont know the meaning of true melody on which Hindi films are based. How come no album nowadays can even come close to Aashiqui or Saajan? Why do people even today demand melodious songs of Nadeem Shravan? Why do people still listen to thise somgs that came ouh 10-20 yrs ago? Because melody never dies. Do u really think 10-20 years from now anyone would listen to the songs coming out nowadays? Hell no. They’re not evergreen. They’re only good for the era. Nadeem Shravan need to come back to Bollywood to save it’s music.

  23. Gulraiz Says:

    To Author !

    Man you miss judged them ! They were Great in their range (Melody) .Dadraa Beat was their speciality in their songs as every one who can understand a composition know that “Dadraa Beat” is most Difficult beat in music. Listen to one of their song “Khata toh jab ho key” what a composition that is (it is a off beat song) to be fair i have never seen any composition which can be compared with this song but i think that this composition is Partially inspired from Tripathi S.N’s “na kisi ki ankh ka noor hun” but still cant say this !

    Now come to ARR , i think you are unfamiliar with him , he is among those MD’s who were technical in copying like viju shah

    listen to “shaka LA Ka Baby” by ARR this is a copy .I know about 46 songs that ARR copied !

  24. akshay tiwari Says:

    nadeem shravan meledious songs like dil hai manta nahi were mind blowing. nowadays meledious songs are not made. i am great fan of kumar sanu & alka yagnik

  25. Neel Says:

    lol….dude what a pathetic article
    you can keep on listening your crap now-a-days music
    think before writing such ridiculous blogs
    i still wonder i actually stood your article

  26. akshay tiwari Says:

    nowadays bollywood songs are meaningless and vulgar. nadeem shravan are the king of meledious songs. dude nowadays bollywood songs are irritating like munni badnam hui ,anarkali disco chali,pyar ki pungi baja de,

  27. Akash singh Says:

    Omg omg what a pathetic writer..bro u need a treatment!first of all u dnt understand melody and the songs of nowdays are ridiculous…kumar sanu,alka and udit is nd will be my fav…actually i dnt even listen to today’s crap music which is a major contributor of rapes in india…i jst question the iq of u guyz who love this crap…. vulgar songs

  28. Rajeb Says:

    Hello I love music of Nadeem shravan and others that have contributed to music of the 90s. Weather Jatin Latit, Anu Malik, A.R Rahman, Viju Shah, Dilip & sameer Sen, Anand milind and others. I loved music of Aashique, saajan, Raja Hindustani, hum Apke Hain koun and so many others. As a matter of fact I like and respect music from all era’s.

    • GD Says:

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving your feedback.

      It was 3-4 years ago that I wrote that post. I’ve grown up since. I won’t say I’ve become a fan of them, but I kind of came to understand those times and how popular they were. I don’t mind humming those songs sometimes too.

      Anyways, thanks again!

  29. Waqar Says:

    Hi bro
    Just searching about worst songs of Kumar sanu and I found your post. I don’t know your age but what I guess, you are late-90. Why I am saying this because it is very difficult to comment on anybody without knowing the reasons/ full history circumstances etc. I born in late 70s. When I became familiar with hindi songs there were singers like Aziz, Suresh, Amit, Shabbir, Sudaish, some how Kishore (late phase) and Udit (early phase). After Mohammad Rafi’s death, Kishore was superhit and no one was compared to him. But in early 80s, AZIZ start to captured the place of Kishore and he was bit successful with many amazing hits. But the poor guy Amit kumar (best after his father) spoiled his career due to his irresponsible attitude. After death of Kishore all people were looking for Kishore replacement (not for Rafi’s as there were many who were inspired by him like Aziz, Shabbir, Shalindra, even Udit). In early 90s when Kumar Sanu became hit, he made many music directors hit while working with them like N-S, Anu, Anand-Miland, Sameer-San, and many more (as all of them working before Sanu but were not hit, it was Sanu’s collaboration that make them hit). Despite many many flaws Sanu was big hit and he made it. He had opted his own style (although many M.Ds were keen to make him only kishore clone). You know M.Ds made music for people. If they make such music that is not popular, it will obviously cost them. In hindi movies there was need of melodious songs and no one was good as NS. NS always choose KS because they know that he is best. Have you compared Sanu with other singers (same songs)…..he was fabulous. If there was no KS, there was no NS and other MDs. Dear there was big politics behind exertion of NS and other melodious directors. How many new songs (after 2005) are popular now a days????? could you remember any one?????no
    Anyway, writing on NS and KS make me some emotional and you can see how I was badly explaining my opinion. Listen 90s music it is evergreen

  30. Manpreet Singh Says:

    If 90’s was the worst era for songs. Then what are the good songs with meaningful lyrics after 2004 which are long lasting and close to our heart?

    In current era, there is need of singers. Everybody can sing. Even dogs and cats can also sing with the help of softwares.

    Today’s songs are the one time listen songs only. If you want to listen the pure melody songs then you can find them from these movies:-

    1. aashiqui (1990)
    2. jab pyar kisise hota hai (1998)
    3. 1942 love story (1994)
    4. pyar toh hona hi tha (1998)
    5. Kasoor (2002)
    6. Mr aashiq (1999)
    7. Aarzoo (1999)
    8. phir teri kahaani yaad aayi (1993)
    9. akele hum akele tum
    10. dhadkan (2000)
    11. sadak (1991)
    12. dushman (1998)
    13. aulaad ke dushman (1993)
    14. soldier (1998)
    15. karan arjun (1995)
    16. DDLJ (1995)
    17. sangharsh (1999)
    18. khiladi (1992)
    19. yes boss (1997)
    20 pardes (1997)
    21 deewana (1992)
    22. hum hain rahi pyar ke
    23. kareeb (1998)
    24. barsaat (1995)
    25 baazigar (1993)
    26 maine pyar kiya (1989)
    27. aao pyar karen (1994)
    28. keemat (1998)
    29. ghulam (1998)
    30. aatish (1994)
    31. mohra (1994)
    32. hum dil de chuke sanam (1999)
    33. gupt (1997)
    34. yeh dillagi
    35. diljale (1997)
    36. pehchaan (1993)
    37. phool aur kaante (1991)
    38. vijaypath (1994)
    39. sangraam (1993)
    40. hulchul (1995)
    41. haqeeqat (1994)
    42. hum sab chor hai(1995)

    • GD Says:

      Thanks, Manpreet, for such detailed comment! It’s an old old post, you see. I’ve actually started liking some of his songs over the years.

  31. Deep Says:

    It was me only in my friend circle who was AR’s fan those days. As Rahman was spared in mid 90’s with Rangeela(1995-96) Other friends were confused between Anu and Jatin-Lalit.
    These days I keep searching the songs which i have missed due to madness for AR.

    Oops, i am going off the road. It was all 80’s fault. Stupids movies and dying telent and ‘chacha-bhatija vaad’. Pancham Da and Laxmikant-pyarelaal were serving old age music.
    Jatin-Lalit and Naneed-Shravan played best for that gape. It was not only about music composing but whole Bollywood wanted to become richer and upgraded at any cost.

    I agreed someway with the author….bad lyricist, ok musicians, thik-thak lovestory based movies. 90’s was for newcomers and new talent ….unfortunately taken for granted in 2000’s)

    Shit…I am Again off the road

  32. Ranjit Says:

    I would partially agree with you. The 90s in itself wasn’t bad in terms of music. But it would pale in comparison to music from the 50s-70s, when composers like Madan Mohan, Naushad, Salil Choudhary were at their very best.

    Another comment if you don’t mind: Since you are writing a blog in English, it would good if you were more careful in ensuring that there are no grammatical errors. Your writing in this particular blog post has a lot of errors, and that makes it hard to follow.

    • GD Says:

      Thanks for your comment..

      As far as your second point, you’d see it was a fun post and I didn’t mind making those errors. I didn’t proofread it.

      Anyways, I wish you’d proofread your comment.. You missed a little “be” in your second paragraph 😛

  33. Adam Says:

    Hi Ganesh Damaodar,

    Nadeem Shravan are Greatest Song Composer ever in history,
    I repeat Nadeem Shravan are greatest song composer ever.

    They are better than Shankar Jaikishan, SD Burman, RD Burman, Laxmi Pyare, Kalyan Anand jis, and other music directors,

    If you have any sense of music in you then listen to each and every Nadeem Shravan Song first and then comment,

    I hope you will realise NS are simply the greatest songs composers ever.,

    Respect for all music directors mentioned earlier,

    Did you know Venus Tapes didn’t have enough Material to produce SAAJAN 1991 Cassettes as crores of musci tapes sold out in just few days ,

    Same way ask T SERIES, how did they become rich,

    They became rich by selling billions of Nadeem Shravan Tapes of Aashiqui, Sadak, Dil Haike Maanta Nahi, Saathi, ask T Series owner about it,

    Remember every compostion of NS has depth in tune and compostion which no other music director has ever composed or even touch their style.

    in early nineties Anu Malik Copied NS’s Style heavily so he came with some hit songs in Baazigar, Phir Teri Kahani, Sir, Vijaypath & Imtehan,

    It was NS style which gave Anu Malik some Succes,

    But Anu’s Songs didn’t have the Rythem of NS,

    NS’s Songs have the best rythem I say the best Rythem in any song compsotion in India or in the world.

    Just listen “love tujhe love Main” from Barsaat you will realise that other Music Composers have never ever composed such kind of pacy track with absolute melodious tun e and great selection of musical instruments.

    Also If you have or any person reading this comment have any justice please listen to “Jo bhi Kasmien Khaie thi” from Raaz 2002, This is a unique compostion with unmatched rythem in it, by the way I have been listing to this song almost everyday since 2002 many times per day, and never got bored with it. because this tune & song has best compsition ever and its freshness will never fade away and will remain fresh forever because of NS’s composition.

    Just for a reminder, Raaz 2002 is the greatest Album ever Created,
    Let alone Aashiqui, Saajan, Deewana, Raja Hindustani, Hum hai Rahi Pyar Ke, Sirf Tum, Hum Hogaye Apke, Kasoor, Dhadkan, Infact every Album is on par with each other and every song is as great as other song in their albums.

    I could write hundreds of pages explaining the greatness of NS Music,

    So let me write some facts so that you can open your dumb brain which lacks music sense.

    I am 38 years old now, since 1990 have travlled many places in India and gulf countries, By God this is the fact that every other day I hear Nadeem Shravan Songs Played somwhere, recently I travelled Karanatak Bidar, Some people playing Rang 1993 song in 2016 july, Are you reading Ganesh,

    Like wise I heard people playing Saathi songs in Mumbai
    I heard People playing Dilwale songs in Hyderabad
    I heard people playing Saajan songs in villages
    I heard people playing Raaz Songs in Jeddah
    I heard people playing songs of Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai,
    I heard people playing songs of Salami in Hyderabad
    I heard people playing songs of Junoon in Riyadh
    How many examples shall I give,
    This is the greatness of Nadeem Sharavan’s Music,
    OR Shall I write some more facts.

    I have never heard songs of any other music director played anywhere.

    So who is greatest now

    If AR Rahman is better than Nadeem Shravan they why don’t people listen to his songs,

    Imagine what kind of greatness Nadeem Shravan have in thier songs, It is still played every where in the world (Hindi/Urdu) speaking world.

    I think I can’t express my feelings about NS , Is there any reader who can understand what I am trying to say.

  34. Vinay Kumar Says:

    Hi Friend,
    You may not like NS composition and your are expecting some change in their working style.
    There is nothing wrong in their composition when the whole India love their composition and few don’t like it because their better other famous music composer who works only with big star cast (actor,director,producer) and couldn’t be successful as them.
    Songs should melodies not noisy.
    Still their sings are alive and still people listen to them.
    U may be right that their songs seems to be same but its not right listen the carefully not from the mind but from the heart.
    Thats Nadeem Shravan Special they won’t touch your mind but they will reach your heart becoz they give important to each and every words of the song.
    Before commenting bad about anybody first you know about yourself and them (NS).
    Still Bollywood in search of the melodies but nobody could replace them (NS).
    Lastly their the king of melodies.

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