Would you save my soul tonight?

It’s a Saturday night.  The nights are getting cold; it’s winter.  My skin is starting to peel off.  I moisturize it; over the face, on the hands, on legs up to the knees.  But it’s starting to peel off where the moisturizer don’t reach often, inside my shirt, on my thighs.  It’s a dry winter.

How easily can you cheat people?  You go to work; you say hi, hello, how are  you; you carry a smile on your face; you make all of it glow–all that shows off!  And you peel from inside, inside your shirt, on your thighs, may be your soul!

It’s a winter!  The chilling blow sucks the moisture out.  You must wrap me all around.  I must deep myself in your love.

P.S. It was a better day 🙂

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One Response to “Would you save my soul tonight?”

  1. kailash mohankar Says:

    I like this. Perhaps I liked all the posts.

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