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Theme Kubrick is the best for me!

November 26, 2011

Did you notice the new header image on The Blog of Reflections?  This was the only customization I wanted with my blog theme, a custom blog header, and I was looking for a good header image for a long while.

Kubrick is the first default theme of WordPress.  Lot of users got it as a default theme for their first ever WordPress blog and many of them never changed it making Kubrick the most popular theme on WordPress.  Kubrick is still the second most popular theme on only after TwentyTen, the current default theme, though most of Kubrick blogs are rarely active anymore.

Kubrick is a kind of outdated theme on WordPress.  People no more use it.  There are a lot of more advanced themes available for free.  Why am I still stuck with Kubrick?  Why I love this theme so much that I come back to it again and again after every theme change.  I had got TwentyTen as a default theme for this blog.  I kept it for many days.  Then I tried Manifest, I tried Oulipo, and each time I came back to Kubrick!

I think Kubrick gives the most clean and cluster-free atmosphere to the reader.  I believe if my readers read my posts till the end, it is also in part because of the Kubrick theme.  You read from start to end as there is no distraction at all.  A flaw one may see is there are no widgets on post pages, but if your content is good, the reader would click on the header and come to the front page to know more about your where you can have all the widgets available.  Also, Kubrick has a text-area width of 450 pixels, which is too less in today’s context, most importantly for photos, so when you try to upload photos wider than 450 pixels, it goes out of width and the template looks ugly, but as long as my blog is text-oriented, it should not be a major problem.

I am a bit of adamant against changing my theme to some other than Kubrick.  Many clean themes have tempted me, but just to bring me back to Kubrick.  I am going to stick to it for a long while!

P.S. The header image is a photograph taken by Kailash Mohankar (tweet him) during our trip to Ramtek.  The custom header is created at BigHugeLabs.Com (for Kubrick theme only).

Lest we, the people of India, forget…

November 26, 2011

November 26! The Constitution of India was adapted and enacted on this date in 1949; exactly 52 years ago. Surprisingly, most of my fellow citizens do not know the importance of this date and those who know tend to forget it for some reasons (it would be a topic for a separate post)!

Constitution of India, the supreme law of the land, is the document of foremost important to us. It’s the originator and the guardian of the rights we enjoy: The freedom of expression, freedom of religion, right to equality, just to mention a few. While all of us benefit from these rights, most of us conveniently fail to attribute the due respect to the Constitution of India. Most of us just think that we have this freedom because it has naturally been such for ages.

I have seen many of my friends thinking the Constitution of India is only to benefit a section of the society while they see it as an obstacle for growth their individual growth. But my dear friend, if we need to grow as a nation, we must keep in mind:

The growth of individuals does not constitute the growth of a nation; if we must grow as a nation, we must grow as a whole.

And if you are on the sufferer’s end, then someone needs to be there. If the nation asks a part of your individual growth for the growth of the community, you must be the happiest person to offer it.

On this November 26th, let’s pay our tribute to the supreme law of the land; lest we forget it is the Constitution of India that makes us what we are!

Of the dark days of Bollywood Music…

November 22, 2011

Oh it was a crazy day! I had been singing Nadeem-Shravan songs all the day today. Let me be clear; I dislike this duo’s songs to the extent of hating. I don’t know what made me to go on humming those stupidly monotonous songs all over the day. But I enjoyed singing them and irritating people making them listen all those songs. Some poor guys didn’t even know I’m singing just to irritate them.

The music director duo Nadeem-Shravan reigned on the Bollywood music industry in the 1990s. It was no doubt the darkest period of Bollywood music. It is the period that made people to hate new film songs. If you don’t believe me, try listening Lata Mangeshkar singing chudi mazaa na degi kangan mazaa na dega. Can you believe it is the same magical voice that once reigned the Bollywood industry? (By the way, I don’t know chudi maza na degi was by Nadeem-Shravan or not; but they were the prototype of the 1990s).

Nadeem-Shravan started composing songs way before 1990s, but what brought them to immediate fame was 1992, Aashiqui. The songs of Aashiqui were no doubt good ones, but it was a warning bell – listen the same kind of music for the whole decade ahead. If you ask me, I can sing for at least a few hours straight a lot many songs, from happy to sad, without ever changing the rhythm. And Sameer as a lyricist, oh my God, just pathetic! I am so biased against him that I firmly believe he cannot write even a single good line anymore. Whatever he has written in his earlier days was okay, but Sameer…. Yack!! And I have once heard that guy talking on All India Radio “Javed Akhtar? He writes some shaayari-waayari; Karan needed simple songs for Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..”

Okay, we will again come back to Nadeem-Shravan! These guys gave immensely popular songs to the film industry, but from a musical viewpoint, all those songs were just dumbo: Think of Dil cheer ke dekh tera hii naam hoga../ or paayaliyaa ho ho ho ho / or dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar..I can give a infinite list!! In fact, I want to give such list, but I want it with my singing performance, is anyone dying to get irritated…

And you cannot sing those songs without singing the dhikka chika rhythm – try singing dekha hai pehli baar saajan ki aankhon mein pyaar.. without singing the dhikka chikik portion after it. It was the era when song lyrics were must to be written with the musical part in it: e.g. naach meri jaan zara dum dama dum.. dil mein hai tufaan bhara dum dama dum… And what a pathetic lyrics “chikni chikni patli kamar aise na hila” etc. etc. in a super duper hit movie song!! I can’t even imagine Amir Khan dancing on this song!

And this duo got three filmfare awards straight in a row, first time after the maestro Shankar-Jaykishan in the 1970s (they too got it much after their top years for so so music)!

After Pardes, I thought Nadeem-Shravan have changed a little bit, but then came Dhadkan, yack yack yack!! Thanks God the 1990s ended soon! Poor guys who had to suffer those era of Indian film music!

Okay, I am not going to lengthen this post (I don’t want to irritate you much)!! I am going to sleep now with just another irritating songs by Nadeem-Shravan “ooff kya raat aayi hai, muhabbat rang laayi hai, dum dum diga diga diga diga dum dum diga diga” Good Night! 🙂

Would you save my soul tonight?

November 19, 2011

It’s a Saturday night.  The nights are getting cold; it’s winter.  My skin is starting to peel off.  I moisturize it; over the face, on the hands, on legs up to the knees.  But it’s starting to peel off where the moisturizer don’t reach often, inside my shirt, on my thighs.  It’s a dry winter.

How easily can you cheat people?  You go to work; you say hi, hello, how are  you; you carry a smile on your face; you make all of it glow–all that shows off!  And you peel from inside, inside your shirt, on your thighs, may be your soul!

It’s a winter!  The chilling blow sucks the moisture out.  You must wrap me all around.  I must deep myself in your love.

P.S. It was a better day 🙂

Let us fall in love again

November 18, 2011

Let’s go on a walk tonight. It has been long since we felt that great!!

Amidst all the clustered things, we try to make a space for us.
Among all kinds of noises and sounds, we try to find a moment of silence.
Do we get it from somewhere out; or we create it from ourselves?
It’s really hard to get that one, that one moment of serene peace.

Are we the same that we always were?
What’s the thing that really changed?
Nothing, nothing, nothing my dear!!

Let us fall in love again!

I would rather not…

November 16, 2011

I am being too cautious about the topics for my new posts for the last few days. Would my readers like it? Is it worth writing? In this state of mind, I am not writing the things I really want to and instead writing the stuff that I would not write otherwise. For example, I would have written about how I found about the degree confluence project, how Kailash prepared for it and finally reached to the confluence point 23 N 82 E.  Or may be how I fascinated was about the OpenStreetMaps project for a while and how the I came back to Google Maps? Or may be how I got frustrated with the state of things and how I tried to make Yippe noodles for me last evening to keep my mind engaged! And I would certainly not have written about the Osho story I wrote in the last post, I mostly avoid copy paste, and it was merely a translation!!

I like people reading my blog, I like the people subscribing and coming back again, and I appreciate them from my heart. I like to fancy about the number of hits my blog gets, and it’s what keeps me writing, but still it’s the same thing that makes me forget it is a personal blog, it was started to write my heart out, and not to get popular.

Yesterday, I was randomly surfing through WordPress. I searched for the term apathy and stumbled upon a blog post. It was really an honest outburst about things going on in the author’s life. I wished I could be that much honest, though I know it is too difficult, if not impossible, with the name I hold. I was in the office then and had no time to write a full-fledged comment, so I just wrote “too honest!!” The author of the post took my comment completely wrong, rejected it in comment moderation, and instead wrote a new post: “It’s my blog. I would write what I want to, even if it is raw and immature. I don’t care if you find it too honest to read. If it is too honest, don’t read it and don’t comment at all.” Though she took it in a wrong way, she was still honest with her feelings; she told me outright what she felt, may be raw, but straight!!

What the shit I am writing? I am a 27-year-old, a grown up! I must learn to keep a mask on my face!!

P.S. Dear Mayur/Gaurav, I am sure you won’t take it personally. I just wrote it because I was afraid I don’t want it to happen with this blog what happened to my last one.

The door to God: An Osho perspective

November 13, 2011

I’m not a fan of Osho
, still I like reading him. I like his rebellious, yet creative, perspective of looking at things. He tells greatest of the hidden truths in simplest of the words, often with the help of some day-to-day life stories.

Last night, as I was going to bed, I took the Osho book and opened a random page. I had not read anything in the last many days and I wanted to start with something lighter-thus started with Osho.

Once the prime minister of a king dies. The king decides to chose a new prime minister for him through an open contest. From the hundreds of contestants, he short-lists the three most eligible men for a final test. The king let the three go home with a notice to come back the next day.

All excited about their fate next day, the three short-listed candidates hear a rumor that the king has made a cryptogenic lock with the help of the most genius of his mathematicians, and the king is going to chose the one as his prime minister who will open the lock earliest. The two of them get very excited listening to this and start reading as much about cryptology and the science of locks as they can in a night. They stay awake all the night to study cryptology. The third one stays cool and takes some rest at home. The other two just laugh at him that he is wasting such a great opportunity to change his life.

The next day, the king summons them. They find the rumor was indeed a truth as the king locks them in a room and tell them about the challenge to come out of the room. The intelligent two quickly start to analyze the lock, it’s shape, design, signs on it, etc. So engaged they become in their exercises that they don’t even notice that their third colleague had just pushed the door and left out. They notice it only after the king arrives with the third friend and ask these two to stop their efforts as he has chosen his prime minister.

And Osho comments on the story: So obsessed we get about finding the answers that we don’t even bother to check what really the problem is. We put our focus on deciphering the lock rather opening the door. The door to God is just open like this, open to all, and we stay at the door deciphering the lock engaged in the scriptures.

P.S. I am thinking whether the third one was really right with his not being prepared. What if the door had really been locked?

Of a poem and a dream…

November 12, 2011

Another Saturday. Life passes week by week. Ideas come and go. Days pass. Saturdays, Sundays, and then Mondays. What’s the thing that’s missing?

Hmm, my mp3 player is too intuitive. I wrote what’s the thing that’s missing and it started playing Enge enathu kavithai. Where is my poem–one that I had written in dream?

Bless me O God!

November 10, 2011

Morning!  I started the PC and was about to start work.  I usually keep humming all the time, may be it at home, at work, while riding a bike, or while doing nothing (no one has ever enlightened me on how to do nothing).  And I started humming an abhanga by Tukaram:  हेची दान देगा देवा तुझा विसर न व्हावा, विसर न व्हावा तुझा विसर न व्हावा!!  “Bless me O God; I shall never forgot thou, never, never ever!”  How couldn’t I love these words, how couldn’t I!! Oh God, bless me, I shall never forget thou, never ever!

I knew a similar couplet by Bashir BadrWo bada rahim o karim hai mujhe ye sifat bhi ata karein, tujhe bhulne ke duaa karoon to meri duaa mein asar na ho.”  He is really a kind one, He should grant me a wish–if I ever wish to forget you, I wish must never be granted.  And I loved these lines too, but this time Tukaram took my heart away!

In case of Bashir Badr, he wishes he should never forget his beloved one.  And Tukaram?  For him, the God is his beloved, and he is asking the God never to let him forget Him.

I was humming it all over the day, it was constantly going in my head while all the work was going:  हेची दान देगा देवा तुझा विसर न व्हावा, विसर न  व्हावा तुझा विसर न व्हावा!!

For a moment I thought did Tukaram mean that God should always keep us unhappy that we must not forget him?  Nay, it cannot be such.  Tukaram didn’t mean it that way.  May be it was the case with Bashir Badr, certainly not with Tukaram!

Be with me! Never let me go! Hold me to your heart!! And how can I forget you?  Isn’t it what Tukaram means?  Never let me go!

Tukaram made my day today!!

Tukaram (1608-1650) was a Marathi seer poet and is considered the zenith of the Warkari tradition, which sought salvation for all irrespective of caste and creed.  Tukaram wrote poetry in the form of abhangas (literally something that cannot be broken).  Tukaram is considered as one of the best poets the language has ever produced.  Tukaram’s abhangas are still played in the households of Maharashtra.

Bashir Badr is a contemporary Urdu poet, one of my favorite.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

November 4, 2011

I haven’t written anything since coming back from home; it has been about a week now.  Not that I was too busy.  In fact, I skipped the office for two days, still it was too stressful.  Indeed, I cried alone at nights, and cried until I fall asleep.  There were times I wanted to write, and just write it out, but then again I controlled myself–and I didn’t have that much energy to write too–I just was too much tired, of everything!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn (Doesn't she look cute?)

While coming back from home, I informed master just a couple of hours ago that I’m leaving, and he said “what shall I do now?”  That “what shall I do now?” sounded too much like what shall I do now for the rest of my life.  I know there was a tone of such.  What shall I do now is really a big question!!

Stress was so high that I felt for a moment that I should go asleep and should not awake for the next 73 years at least.  I know a psychologist would pass it as a passive suicidal ideation; a major concern on its own for depressed mood.  I need to handle myself; and I’m trying to do it, a bit more systemically.

Came back home around 6 p.m., had a bath, watched a bit of My Fair Lady (and Audrey Hepburn looks awesome in the scene where she pronounces “H” correctly for the first time).

Trying to have some lighter moments (afraid they will boomerang back on me)!

N.B.  The post title is a song from the movie The Fair Lady.  Professor Higgins uses this sentence to polish up Eliza’s accent of vowel “A”.  Image from

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