It’s a hectic Diwali!

It’s Diwali.  I will be in the office tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Hope all work gets done by then.  The next day, Thursday, a full working day, and in the evening I will be leaving for home for Bhau-beej.  I have applied for leave on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday will be an off.  Again, I will have to get back at work on Monday at 6:30 in the morning.

In between,  on Thursday night I will be leaving from here; will reach home on Friday morning.  Friday Bhau beej.  I will have Saturday free; planning to spend some time with Master; may be we’ll go on a little walk by the riverside, or a bike ride.  Again on Sunday, I will be on a way-back journey.  The trains and buses will be fully loaded, it’s a festival season.

And the distance–it’s about 328 km from here–to and fro 656 km; return journey may be by bus (yaack!! buses make me sick), just to reach office Monday on time.

It’s Diwali.  It wished there were no Diwali this year; I haven’t even done my shopping and I have literally nothing to wear tomorrow and I’ll have to reach office at 6:30 a.m.

Happy Diwali 😐

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4 Responses to “It’s a hectic Diwali!”

  1. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    Happy Diwali, Ganesh! Tough luck for you that you are supposed to work on this day too. Can I shop for you? :-p

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks Gaurav for asking! People working as medics and associates never have a holiday. I work on Diwali every year and have worked on Diwali day until as late as 9 p.m. treating accidental burn wounds by crackers. This time, I will be back home by 2, so it’s better.

      The travel of 700 km back and forth in 48 hours is much of a stress. I get too much sick in bus, sometimes even with a distance of 10 km (see this tweet, it was just with 7-8 km) Train suits me. I am gonna go by train, but am not sure how will I come back, no train suits to my time. Let’s see!!

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  3. wittynoah Says:

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