Installing Windows Live Writer on XP is a frustrating job

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I mostly write my blog offline.  I use ScribeFire for Firefox to write and edit posts offline, but I wanted to upgrade to Windows Live Writer (WLW) as it is without doubt the best offline blog editor with a lot of wonderful plugins available.  I had WLW installed a few months ago and I had posted a few posts on Ghalibana with it, but then my PC got cracked and I had to format it.  Now, as I am trying to install WLW again, it is really getting a frustrating job.

I have XP.  WLW does not support XP as such.  We need to install a new version of windows installer to use WLW with XP.  I have that installer installed previously, so that is not a problem.  The problem is Windows gives only a small setup file that fetches and installs WLW directly from internet.  It takes a lot of time with my slow network.  Firstly, I had a powercut while I was in the middle of the installation process.  For the second time, I started the installation around and midnight and went to sleep.  My net is extremely slow.  I knew it would take at least a couple of hours to do with the complete installation, so I went to sleep.  It got installed; I just woke up from sleep and switched off the computer without even checking if it is working or not, and now this morning when I tried it, it is not working.  It says:  “Windows Live Writer has encountered a problem and needs to be closed.”

Now when I am trying to uninstall the program to reinstall it again, I cannot found the link in Control Panel >> Add/Remove Program.  There is a link for Windows Live Essentials, but it is not working too.  When I am trying to reinstall it, it says it is already installed on your PC, so I am just left frustrated.

WLW is an excellent program.  I want it on my PC, and I am not able to install it.  What shall I do??

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4 Responses to “Installing Windows Live Writer on XP is a frustrating job”

  1. I’m happy! « The Blog of Reflections Says:

    […] Live Writer on my PC and my further posts will be most probably written with Live Writer.  As I had said, it is really frustrating to install Live Writer, but once you’ve installed it, it works like […]

  2. MamaRed Says:

    Hum…I’m using a specific version of Live Writer for XP…it is on my desktop machine and I’ve got the Windows 7 version on my laptop. I didn’t have any problems loading it on XP with the earlier version. Would that help at all?

    The XP version is here:

    • Ganesh Dhamodkar Says:

      Thanks, MamaRed, for your comment. I had had Live Writer on my desktop with XP, but for some reason, I had to uninstall and the re-install it. That’s what really caused problem.

      Otherwise, I got Windows7 for my desktop in early December and it’s working like wonder now; can’t even think blogging without it!

  3. MamaRed Says:

    Glad to hear that Ganesh. I found Windows Live Writer last winter…sure wish someone had told me about it 4 years ago when I started my first blog! I’m not the most consistent blogger AND I’ve blogged more with Live Writer than before. Progress!

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