Father’s Day!

It had been a tiresome day today.  I could not have any rest at all despite it being a Sunday.  The long queue at the Unique Identity Number (I hate the name Aadhar) took more than two hours and most of my energy in the morning and then I had to go for the exam directly from there; just came back a while ago.

All that I could have on this Father's Day!

All that I could have on this Father's Day!

Yeah, my reason for writing this post today is they say it’s a Father’s Day–so it must be.  I had some time with Arnav today (much more than I usually have; thanks the two-hour queue at Aadhar).  Baba called in the evening–just to have a talk of 10 seconds.  So this was all for my Father’s Day.

The long time of agony, stress, pain, tension invades the very few moments of life–life that I strive hard to live, life that is not as easy as just to take breathe in and out, life that needs to win battle by battle–life that just demands too much to have it!

And everything else is fine!  Just had a second call from Baba–this time we had a longer conversation than the previous one–26 seconds!  What else?  Happy Father’s Day to myself!

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